Super Sparkly Puffy Paint Snowflakes!

Super Sparkly Puffy Paint Snowflakes!

These puffy paint snowflakes are super sparkly and a lovely art activity to try at home with little ones over the festive period. Hung up in groups they make gorgeous decorations too! PLUS you can use the puffy paint to create other wintery masterpieces too!

Full “How To” below….



I haven’t yet met a little one who doesn’t LOVE mixing up puffy paint – and it’s great for endless other art activities too! For these lovely snowflakes you’ll need :

Some dark card or stiff paper

Paper doillies

PVA glue





Some ribbon and tape if you’re going to hang them up at home!

Mixing up the puffy paint is the first thing to do – a good squirt of foam, a blob of PVA glue and a squirt of paint, then mix up REALLY well with a paintbrush. Because the puffy paint contains glue you won’t need any extra glue later on to add the glitter

Next, lay a paper doillie flat on the card – you’re going to be using the doillie as a stencil. Use the brush to paint the puffy paint over the pattern gaps in the doillie. Make sure you cover them all with the paint!

Now it’s time for the big reveal! Carefull peel off the doillie and you’ll be left with a lovely snowflake effect on the card. Sprinkle on a sprinkling of glitter (remember the paint has glue on so the glitter will stick provided you do this whilst the paint is still wet!)

Then you can cut out your snowflakes when dry and hang to display them – they look lovely and really effective in little groups!

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