Ten Ways to Have A Fun-Filled Lockdown Easter At Home

Ten Ways to Have A Fun-Filled Lockdown Easter At Home

Right now we’re in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic – strange and worrying times for us all. It’s easy to forget that Easter is fast approaching and of course our access to the usual Easter treats, activities and goodies is restricted. But there are still lots of ways in which you can have a fun filled family Easter during lockdown to delight your little ones and keep them entertained. So here at Team ARTventurers, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite Easter activities and ideas from years gone by, with some new ones added too to give you TEN ways to have a fun-filled Lockdown Easter at home – and there are some printable resources too to make life that little bit easier!

1. Decorate the house

If you’re lucky enough to have some Easter decorations already stashed away at home then you’re sorted – get them out and make the house as colourful as possible! Be resourceful and see what you might have lying around in Spring-like colours. If not, make your own!

If you are going down the DIY route, we’ve got some printable colour-in bunting that will do the job perfectly. All you need are some pens or pencils to decorate, scissors to cut out and then some string and tape to assemble it.
Click below the image for the free printable! You could also use the printable egg shapes further down the page in lots of different ways.

Printable version click HERE

2. Make an Easter tree

Easter trees have become a bit of a “thing” in recent years and you can buy them in the shops….but if you’ve got access to a garden or you’re out and about on daily exercise walks then keep your eye out for twigs or small branches that you can make into your very own Easter tree, like ours above. Spray or handpaint then decorate with whatever you have in the house – streamers, ribbons, Easter crafts the kids have made……just make it as colourful as possible! We’ve popped a printable below that you could use – print onto stiff paper or card, get the kids to decorate the egg shapes however they like then cut out and hang from ribbon or string.

Printable version click HERE

3. Do some Easter crafting and create some Easter bunny masks

This is a fun and really easy Easter craft idea. Use our printable mask template below which your little ones can decorate however they wish – pens, pencils, crayons, collage……simply fit to their head using a piece of string or a band of card.

Printable version click HERE

Over the week running up to Easter we’ll be sharing loads of other fun Easter art and craft ideas over on our social media – on our Facebook page and in our ARTventurers At Home community group – so don’t forget to follow us on there!

4. Decorate Easter Eggs

Always a traditional Easter activity, and you don’t need to be particularly arty to do it! Our Ten Simple Easter egg decorating ideas are always really popular and might provide a bit of inspiration. Why not have a family Easter Egg competition, just for fun!

If you haven’t any eggs or don’t want to use those you do have (we obviously all need to be mindful of food wastage right now) then why not design yours on paper instead using our printable design sheet?

Printable version HERE

5. Have some Easter footprint fun

Those little hands and feet really do grow too fast and it’s fun to capture them in prints while you can! Have a go at using our printable to create some cute footprint art that you can make into an Easter card!

Printable version HERE

6. Plant Easter lollipops

The night before, get your little ones to plant some jellybeans in soil in a plantpot – or even in the garden if the weather is good. While they’re asleep, replace the beans with lollipops stuck into the soil – a real sprinkling of Easter magic!

7. Give yourselves Easter Bunny Names!

Use our ARTventurers Easter Bunny Name Generator below to give yourselves Easter Bunny names for the weekend! You can find a printable version below too!

Printable version click HERE

8. Create magic on Easter morning with Easter Bunny footprints

Use our free printable stencil and a little bit of flour to create bunny footprints at home for your little ones to wake up to and show that the Easter bunny really HAS been!

9. Have a special Easter breakfast

It’s easy to make a fun Easter themed breakfast of pancakes and fruit – use the round pancake as the bunny face, pieces of banana for the ears and other fruit to make the features.

10. Have an Easter Egg Hunt at home

Our free printable Easter egg hunt is really easy to do around the house and all the clues and work has been done for you – enjoy!

It might be a strange Easter for all of us, but we hope that these ideas will help you to still make it a special and memorable one at home. Enjoy, have fun and most importantly, stay safe!

Lots of love
Team ARTventurers

Mother’s Day Card Idea For A Tea Lover!

Mother’s Day Card Idea For A Tea Lover!

Over in our Facebook group At Home Art and Craft Activity Ideas For Kids With ARTventurers we’ve been sharing a little How To video on how to create the cute little Mother’s Day card above, perfect for any tea lover!

Here’s a teapot printable template – print onto A4 paper (there’s 2 on the sheet), cut out and have a go creating!
Click the link under the image for the free downloadable printable

Printable teapot template here