ART uses both sides of the brain so it’s great for whole brain learning!

ART uses both sides of the brain so it’s great for whole brain learning!

DID YOU KNOW that when our little artists are creating their masterpieces at classes, they’re using BOTH sides of their brain?

You probably know all about the concept of left and right side of the brain thinking – that the right brain is visual and processes information in an intuitive and simultaneous way. It looks first at the whole picture then the details – that’s the creative side. And then the left brain is verbal and processes information in an analytical and sequential way. It looks first at the pieces then puts them together to get the whole.

Our ARTventurers are using the right side of their brain when they’re using their imaginations to bring their creations to life, but then when they’re selecting materials, mixing their colours, deciding what to do next…..these are all left side, analytical steps.
Both side of their brain are working together – BRILLIANT active and engaged whole brain learning!

Why ART is brilliant for helping develop motor skills!

Why ART is brilliant for helping develop motor skills!

What are motor skills?
Motor skills occur when the brain, nervous system and muscles all work together to make movements. Fine motor skills entail small movements and require hand-eye coordination – things like picking things up with fingers, doing puzzles and using tools or instruments. Gross motor skills involve using the whole body to make large movements, such as running, jumping, catching, throwing, kicking and hopping. Young children need concentration and time to learn these skills – and ART is great for helping them to do just that!
If you’ve ever brought your little one along to ARTventurers, you’ll have seen your child working on developing these skills without even realising – movements like holding a paint tool, swatting with our favourite paint covered fly swatters, scooping and pouring, modelling…..or one of our ARTventurers favorites, beach ball painting on a BIG ART scale!

So next time you see your ARTventurer engaged in one of our activities at class – take a minute to watch what they’re doing and how their fine and gross motor skills really are being developed through ART.

ARTventurers – we’re all about learning and developing through art and creative play!

What’s Your Unicorn Name?

We LOVE Unicorns at ARTventurers – from unicorn themed arty parties to our Build A Unicorn sessions, workshops, classes and more!

So this Unicorn Name Generator is MADE for us!

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