Easy Salt Dough Prints for Father’s Day!

Easy Salt Dough Prints for Father’s Day!

If (like me!) you’re having a last minute panic about Fathers Day gifts then here’s the answer…..salt dough prints are fun to make and a lovely keepsake! Plus MUCH more personal than a pair of socks or undies!!!


To make the salt dough :

a cup of flour

half a cup of salt

3/4 cup of water

a squirt of ready mix paint to colour your dough

Mix the dry ingredients well first then add the water gradually, stirring until a dough begins to form. Squirt in your paint then get your hands it – knead the dough well until the colour is spread evenly and you have a smooth firm dough.

If it’s too sticky add a little more flour, if too dry and crumbly make a small well and then add in a teaspoon of water before kneading again

Flatten and shape your dough to the required shape!

Now it’s time to take your prints! Reading our blog post on how to get a good print from a baby or toddler might help – that was all about painty prints but some common principles apply! Press the foot/hand gently into the dough and press down to get a lovely clear print

If you have older kids you could get them to decorate the print at this point – you can press in beads or sequins or sprinkle with glitter in true ARTventurers style!

And if you are going to add holes for hanging as a hanging plaque then do this now too – you can do this by pushing a pen or pencil into the dough or using something thin like a skewer

To dry your print – you can air dry it for a few days in a warm and sunny spot OR you can bake it on a low heat in the oven for a couple of hours. Please keep checking it carefully if you are oven drying and DON’T use this method if you have decorated it with beads or sequins as they will just melt!

A layer of clear varnish is recommended to seal your finished plaque!

You can also add name/age with a sharpie marker – or any other Father’s Day message you like!


ARTventurers Wins Overall Top Franchise 2017!

ARTventurers Wins Overall Top Franchise 2017!

We are so thrilled and over the moon that ARTventurers has been named the overall winners in the Working Mums Top Franchise Awards 2017!

Not only did we win Overall Top Franchise 2017 but we also won Supportive Franchisor 2017 to recognise the support, mentoring and training that we offer to all of our franchisees throughout their business journey.

The Awards, sponsored by HSBC, celebrate the best family friendly franchisors and franchisees. They recognise franchisors both big and small who have empowered women in business – not only by providing a successful flexible business model, but by giving franchisees the advice and support they need to succeed.

Twenty-three franchises and 30 franchisees were shortlisted for six categories and the top franchise award was chosen from the winners of each of these. ARTventurers was named Overall Top Franchise with the judges saying it had created a family friendly, supportive business model and had not only won one award, but had performed strongly across all the categories it had entered.  The judges praised its support for maternity leave, which was something many self employed women struggle with and said they felt other franchises could learn from the kind of engaged, flexible business model it offered.

ARTventurers also won the Supportive Franchisor Award,  praised for the clear sense of commitment from the franchisor to their franchisees and the comprehensive support it offered, including HR support, maternity support and the flexibility it offered from day one. The judges were impressed by the comprehensive training offering and the franchise’s marketing mentoring programme, ongoing mentoring initiative and support for business development. They felt communications with franchisees, including bi-monthly team webinars, showed that the franchisor had carefully considered what franchisees might need to create a successful business.


If you’d like to find out more about joining our Award-Winning Team and running your own baby and toddler franchise in your area then you can find out more HERE



Our visit to Leeds with Bump Baby and You!

Our visit to Leeds with Bump Baby and You!

Last month saw us heading off to Leeds to meet lots of GORGEOUS little ones and their grown ups at a Bump Baby and You event in Leeds at Yoga Hero

It was a lovely afternoon filled with coffee, cake, chat about all things parenting from sleep and teething to slings, pregnancy cravings and unusual baby names and we had the pleasure of painting lots of teeny feet to create some gorgeous keepsakes!

A BIG thank you to Bump Baby and You for inviting us along to such a lovely event – and we all got to take home a goodie bag and some cupcakes too, BONUS!!!