ART is great for developing language and communication skills!

ART is BRILLIANT for helping our mini artists to develop language and communication skills! 🎨🎨🎨
🌟When painting or creating, children might need to ask for help, may want to ask for a certain paintbrush, tool or colour of paint or, or they may simply want to express that they’re finding something a bit tricky to do! And they can talk about their creations when they are making them and when they’re finished! It’s a great way to encourage discussion.

🌟Art can be a fab way of introducing little ones to language concepts like prepositions, comparative and opposites too! Is this rough or smooth? How can we make this bigger? How should we…. ? LOTS and lots of opportunities for learning whilst creating and exploring!

🌟We can use art to introduce lots of new words to children incidentally – they’re learning all of the time without even realising it! The different themes we explore each week at ARTventurers allows us the opportunity to introduce new words, phrases and learning opportunities each week to our Baby and Little ARTventurers – we can tap into whatever the little ones are interested and engaged in, MUCH more exciting than flashcards!

🌟As mum of a little one who has had speech and language issues since he was very young, I’ve witnessed first hand how art and creative play has helped him when he has struggled with verbal communication – easing frustration and providing a way to express himself too!
Fun, creative, messy AND learning all the time – that’s ARTventurers!

ART is brilliant for developing creative and problem solving skills!

Today is all about creative thinking and problem solving!
When our little ARTventurers are creating and exploring at our classes, they’re constantly making choices and trying new things!

Research shows that activities like connecting shapes and creating patterns taps into the same parts of the brain that we use for more complex problem solving activities later on in life.

Our little artists are developing their skills in reasoning and understanding AND as Creative thinking and reasoning have been identified and highlighted as an essential twenty-first-century skill by many business, education and community leaders….
maybe our ARTventurers are going to be the next generation of world leaders! 

ART uses both sides of the brain so it’s great for whole brain learning!

DID YOU KNOW that when our little artists are creating their masterpieces at classes, they’re using BOTH sides of their brain?

You probably know all about the concept of left and right side of the brain thinking – that the right brain is visual and processes information in an intuitive and simultaneous way. It looks first at the whole picture then the details – that’s the creative side. And then the left brain is verbal and processes information in an analytical and sequential way. It looks first at the pieces then puts them together to get the whole.

Our ARTventurers are using the right side of their brain when they’re using their imaginations to bring their creations to life, but then when they’re selecting materials, mixing their colours, deciding what to do next…..these are all left side, analytical steps.
Both side of their brain are working together – BRILLIANT active and engaged whole brain learning!