Summer Boredom Buster!

We are a few weeks into the school holidays and welcome to the 1st edition of our ARTventurers

Chester Wrexham and Whitchurch

Summer Boredom Buster!

Summer Busters!

Over the Summer Holiday weeks we’ll be sharing a few of our favourite arty and creative play ideas that you can easily try at home using materials you might well find just lying around the house or in your kitchen cupboards! Ideal for those times when you hear the cry “Mummy I’m bored” or “What can I do now………..”

Boredom Buster 1: Cookie cutter Printing


This really is the simplest of ideas and a fab painting activity to try at home. Squeeze some paint onto a flat tray or plate, dip cookie cutters into the paint and print onto paper – hey presto! Add a sprinkle of glitter too if you’re feeling daring! Great for developing fine motor skills, use it for shape and colour recognition too!

Boredom Buster 2: Salt dough Creations


Salt Dough is super easy to make and you can use it for all sorts of different activities! Use the recipe above to whip up a batch of salt dough (get the kids to get stuck into making it – messy but SO much fun!) and have a go at creating some salt dough handprints. Or roll into a ball, press a tea-light in and decorate to create some beautiful tea light holders!


Boredom Buster 3: Easy Rice Play!


We LOVE rice play at our ARTventurers classes. So easy to set up but so much fun for all ages – tip some uncooked rice into a large shallow tray or box and add scoops, spoons, tubs, cars and diggers, small world people, pots and pans…whatever you have at home. Great for encouraging imaginative play, developing motor skills, a fabulously sensory experience for babies (noise, texture….) – you can leave the rice uncoloured or add some visual interest by colouring the rice. Just mix in a little bit of food colouring and to seal the colour in pop it in a low oven for around 5 minutes – just obviously make sure it’s cooled down before you allow little hands to play with it!

Ricecrispy fun

Have fun and watch out for our next instalment of ARTventurers Summer Boredom Busters!

In the meantime if you’d like more information about our classes and what we’ve got going on over the holidays and next term then check out our website or pop over to our Facebook page ARTventurers Chester, Wrexham and Whitchurch

Lots of love

Caroline Jones X


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