Know Your Childs Stages of Development!

As an Early Years Teacher I get asked a lot about how Pre-schools / Nurseries / Child minders… track our children’s learning and development, how do they come up with their next step (which to us as parents can seam really random). Well all early years professionals follow the EYFS; Early Years Foundation Stage Framework this to us is like the curriculum for teachers in primary and high schools.

So this framework continues on from our ‘Little Red Book’ you know your baby records that are given to you by your health visitor. It has recommended milestones, that they as professional anticipate a child to be able to do certain things at certain stages. To help professionals track progress of each individual child and set targets for their specific development the EYFS Framework have developed ‘Development Matters’, now these aren’t written in stone and every child develops at different rates and in different ways but they are a good guideline.

I personally love the way it works; it acknowledges that every child is unique and most importantly that they are all learning and developing at their own rate through play (yes! We often interfere; we offer the resources and at times are prompting and modelling). I continue to pride myself on including all areas of the EYFS framework in my ARTventurers classes; the way our classes are structured are perfect for encompassing all areas of learning in such a fun and enjoyable way!

So next time you have a parents evening and your looking at your child’s tracking sheets, learning journals and next steps; this is what they are talking about! Feel free to leave feedback, write comments and let me know if I’ve helped? If you’ve not seen our classes in action please go to ARTventurers to find our where your nearest classes are.


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