September Start

September Start

A huge thank you for you to everyone who has join us for ARTventurers fun and laughter over the years.  We are totally passionate about ARTventurers and all it encompasses, from our child lead free flow themed art and crafts to our circle time and custard cream at the end! We have taken the decision to postpone this terms Chester, Wrexham and Whitchurch classes and will re-starting in September 2018.



Know Your Childs Stages of Development!

As an Early Years Teacher I get asked a lot about how Pre-schools / Nurseries / Child minders… track our children’s learning and development, how do they come up with their next step (which to us as parents can seam really random). Well all early years professionals follow the EYFS; Early Years Foundation Stage Framework this to us is like the curriculum for teachers in primary and high schools.

So this framework continues on from our ‘Little Red Book’ you know your baby records that are given to you by your health visitor. It has recommended milestones, that they as professional anticipate a child to be able to do certain things at certain stages. To help professionals track progress of each individual child and set targets for their specific development the EYFS Framework have developed ‘Development Matters’, now these aren’t written in stone and every child develops at different rates and in different ways but they are a good guideline.

I personally love the way it works; it acknowledges that every child is unique and most importantly that they are all learning and developing at their own rate through play (yes! We often interfere; we offer the resources and at times are prompting and modelling). I continue to pride myself on including all areas of the EYFS framework in my ARTventurers classes; the way our classes are structured are perfect for encompassing all areas of learning in such a fun and enjoyable way!

So next time you have a parents evening and your looking at your child’s tracking sheets, learning journals and next steps; this is what they are talking about! Feel free to leave feedback, write comments and let me know if I’ve helped? If you’ve not seen our classes in action please go to ARTventurers to find our where your nearest classes are.


Why children need art!

As a mum of three children; a 15 year old girl, a 7 year old boy and a 20 month old girl; I cannot stress enough the importance of art, self expression and creativity for the ‘whole child’! By the term ‘whole child’ I mean their social, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

We live in a society today where social media is everywhere, it doesn’t stop when they come home, there are so many social pressures put onto children today, from goals set by our educational system to self image and social networks! The basic principles of art make you look (I mean really look!) at the world around us, it make you appreciate all the small elements that come together to make something beautiful. An artistic perspective arms a child with acceptance, a strong sense of self and the ability to see beauty in differences as a positive thing while able to analyse what they are presented with in order to make informed decisions.

Image result for diversity and equality art

Art evokes emotions, even when you hate it; you ‘hate’ it for a reason! Exposure to art and the process of art allows children to explore those emotions, ask themselves why, what made them feel that way and how they can change it? Art is empowering a child to develop those core strategies that help us manage whatever challenges life throws at us. As for self worth and feeling valued, through art a child can create something of such worth and feel so valued! If someone said you can have a Van Gogh, or your own child’s painting of a tree; I know which I would pick!

Image result for emotional art

At first glance you would never think art could have any physical benefits; but just think from the moment your baby picks up their first crayon their fine motor skills are developing, and let’s not forget our back, neck and wrist muscle groups all working hard. Ever wonder why the Victorians wrote so well? They had slanted desks to aid their posture.

A child’s mental health and wellbeing is just as impotant as their physical wellbeing; it is what defines them, their character, what makes them unique. Through art a child learns to express themselves early on.  Art has no right and wrong, it is based upon perspectives and how we see the world; through art a child can develop core beliefs that will guide their actions throughout life.

Image result for painting of a child


Thank you Message

Hi Caroline

It was lovely to meet you on Saturday and I must say what a fabulous time the girls had!!

Huge thank you for all you preparation with the unicorn names and making it the theme!

I know it is difficult when the girls are older but Nancy and the unicorns loved it!!

The bracelets went down a storm and kept them quiet for half an hour afterwards!!

A huge thank you once again

Julie xxx

ARTventurers really does have something for everyone!

If your starting to think your older children might be getting to old for parties, think again! This weekend I was fortunate enough to host a Unicorn Party at The Material Girls Shop in Whitchurch, Shropshire. The girls attending were aged 10 and 11 years old, the  party consisted of fabric painting, all free hand with the aid of a template; as you can see the results were amazing, Wooden horse shoe art and friendship bracelets/ necklaces. We also bejewelled the birthday girls initial (signing and writing personal messages on the back); as with ARTventurers parties every birthday boy or girl receives something bespoke for them from the event. The biggest compliment to the crafts was when my 15 year old daughter asked if she could do this for her birthday!!!

We live in a world where children are growing up so fast… The memories that this group of friends made while making, creating, chatting, giggling and eating chocolate cake will last a lifetime!

At ARTventurers we love being creative, if your child likes Minecraft, Lego, Unicorns or Bugs, we will tailor the most wonderful activities inspired by your child to offer a party or event to remember.

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ARTventurers Classes in Malpas

ARTventurers Classes

baby artventurers


September/ October 2016

Baby ARTventurers & Little ARTventurers Classes

Starts Monday the 19th September 2016 at The Jubilee Hall, High Street, Malpas.

Every week there will be a different theme;





Build it!

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Super Sparkles (Diwali)  

Our fantastic Art classes will run from the 19th September to 24th October.

The introductory cost for all six classes is just £28.80

     To register and book onto this

           6-week course please go to:

Baby ARTventurers classes are for babies aged 6 – 18 months. Littler ARTventurers classes are for children aged 18 months – 4 years.

Summer Boredom Buster!

We are a few weeks into the school holidays and welcome to the 1st edition of our ARTventurers

Chester Wrexham and Whitchurch

Summer Boredom Buster!

Summer Busters!

Over the Summer Holiday weeks we’ll be sharing a few of our favourite arty and creative play ideas that you can easily try at home using materials you might well find just lying around the house or in your kitchen cupboards! Ideal for those times when you hear the cry “Mummy I’m bored” or “What can I do now………..”

Boredom Buster 1: Cookie cutter Printing


This really is the simplest of ideas and a fab painting activity to try at home. Squeeze some paint onto a flat tray or plate, dip cookie cutters into the paint and print onto paper – hey presto! Add a sprinkle of glitter too if you’re feeling daring! Great for developing fine motor skills, use it for shape and colour recognition too!

Boredom Buster 2: Salt dough Creations


Salt Dough is super easy to make and you can use it for all sorts of different activities! Use the recipe above to whip up a batch of salt dough (get the kids to get stuck into making it – messy but SO much fun!) and have a go at creating some salt dough handprints. Or roll into a ball, press a tea-light in and decorate to create some beautiful tea light holders!


Boredom Buster 3: Easy Rice Play!


We LOVE rice play at our ARTventurers classes. So easy to set up but so much fun for all ages – tip some uncooked rice into a large shallow tray or box and add scoops, spoons, tubs, cars and diggers, small world people, pots and pans…whatever you have at home. Great for encouraging imaginative play, developing motor skills, a fabulously sensory experience for babies (noise, texture….) – you can leave the rice uncoloured or add some visual interest by colouring the rice. Just mix in a little bit of food colouring and to seal the colour in pop it in a low oven for around 5 minutes – just obviously make sure it’s cooled down before you allow little hands to play with it!

Ricecrispy fun

Have fun and watch out for our next instalment of ARTventurers Summer Boredom Busters!

In the meantime if you’d like more information about our classes and what we’ve got going on over the holidays and next term then check out our website or pop over to our Facebook page ARTventurers Chester, Wrexham and Whitchurch

Lots of love

Caroline Jones X


Malpas Summer Holiday Classes 2016

Come along and join in the fun at our Summer Holiday Classes, 2016 being held at The Jubilee Hall, Malpas.

Monday the 25th July 2016 at 10am: Fairies & Superheroes, we are going to fly into a fun filled action packed class, where Superhero’s are made, fairy crowns are created and loads of messy, glittery fun too!

The following Monday, the 1st August, at 10am: Under the Sea, we will be diving in and exploring under the sea, where there are sea monsters and mermaids to be created along with all sorts of ocean fun.

Our Grand Finale’ on Monday the 8th August 2016, at 10am: Colourful Carnival, where we will be dancing into our colourful carnival and enjoying a fun filled time with masks and shakers, get ready for a parade!

These classes are £6 each or you can book all three for £15shirl5.

We have limited spaces, to book your space please click ‘Book a Class’ along the top toolbar.

Plan Ahead for Summer Fun!

If your wondering what to do this summer holiday why not come along and join in the fun. I’m thrilled to be offering ARTventurers award winning classes in Malpas this Summer. ARTventurers classes are like no other; they are bursting with art, creativity and mess while at the same time being educational and empowering for children. To fine out more please click ‘book a class’. shirl5