ART is great for developing language and communication skills!

ART is BRILLIANT for helping our mini artists to develop language and communication skills! 🎨🎨🎨
🌟When painting or creating, children might need to ask for help, may want to ask for a certain paintbrush, tool or colour of paint or, or they may simply want to express that they’re finding something a bit tricky to do! And they can talk about their creations when they are making them and when they’re finished! It’s a great way to encourage discussion.

🌟Art can be a fab way of introducing little ones to language concepts like prepositions, comparative and opposites too! Is this rough or smooth? How can we make this bigger? How should we…. ? LOTS and lots of opportunities for learning whilst creating and exploring!

🌟We can use art to introduce lots of new words to children incidentally – they’re learning all of the time without even realising it! The different themes we explore each week at ARTventurers allows us the opportunity to introduce new words, phrases and learning opportunities each week to our Baby and Little ARTventurers – we can tap into whatever the little ones are interested and engaged in, MUCH more exciting than flashcards!

🌟As mum of a little one who has had speech and language issues since he was very young, I’ve witnessed first hand how art and creative play has helped him when he has struggled with verbal communication – easing frustration and providing a way to express himself too!

Fun, creative, messy AND learning all the time – that’s ARTventurers!


ART helps develop self expression and confidence!

One of the very BEST things about being an ARTventurer??

It’s seeing all of our Baby and Little ARTventurers growing in confidence week by week, month by month…..watching them tackle the activities with enthusiasm when initially they might have been nervous or tentative, watching them take the floor during circle time when at the beginning they might have been overcome with shyness, watching them confidently and bravely making their own choices and decisions when they’re painting and creating and watching them playing together with the other children in the group, sharing and taking turns and building relationships……….

……….All reasons why at ARTventurers we LOVE art!

More AWESME Awards news!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

You may have seen our most AWESOME news recently…Lois and I attended the Networking Mummies Recognition awards In Birmingham on Saturday 19th May and we were completely bowled over to pick up a lovely award for “Best Small Business 2018!”…we were so chuffed to receive this and it really makes all the preparations for classes and lugging tons of equipment and the hours of setting up/clearing away, having custard in our hair, chocolate cloud doh under our nails and painty clothes TRULEY worthwhile!!!

Here’s a few photos of us looking glam…and completely different to how you normally see us at class! Not a red t-shirt or any painty clothes in sight!!!


I would like to say a HUGE than you to all of my lovely customers for your on-going love & support of everything that we do at ARTventurers, as without you our classes wouldn’t be half as fun and we look forward to creating even more FABULOUS messy memories with you all very soon!!!

Maddie, Lois & ARTy Bear xx