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Hi, my name is Maddie and I run ARTventurers Leamington Spa, Central Warwickshire & Coventry! I’ve been running classes in the area now for 14 months and enjoying every minute of combining my passion for arts education with meeting all the new children and parents. The arts are a huge passion of mine. I come from an arts background having studied a Batcher of Arts at University. I then spent 16 years teaching art & design in secondary schools and managing 2 art departments and staff in my last 2 schools.

During my own maternity leave there wasn’t many art groups for babies or toddlers at all and I also remember thinking there was a gap in the market for one with the right mix of art, crafts, sensory play, singing, dancing and just general fun! When I took a sabbatical from teaching at the end of 2015 I came across ARTventurers and took the brave decision to attend a franchise discovery day and never looked back! Whats not to love about creative and colourful art classes allowing pre-school children of all ages to play and explore at their own pace, whilst learning new skills in a really fun environment!

I launched in September 2016 with just 3 classes per week and around 3-4 customers per class and then slowly classes got busier as word spread and very quickly I had full classes most terms! I now run 5 classes per week, plus a monthly Saturday class and regular holiday classes and workshops each half term. This Christmas I  introduced my first Adult ARTventurers class with great success and I am planning more for 2018! I was also really busy with parties and last year hosted 31 birthday parties to a lot of very excited girls and boys!!


It has been a whirlwind of glitter and paint, laughter and fun, jelly, custard and gloop!! I have a loyal following of customers and the support from every one since I launched has been incredible. I am lucky to have met so many amazing families throughout the year, many of whom I now call close friends!

I am very proud of the 5* feedback I have achieved on Facebook which can be viewed here – https://www.facebook.com/ARTventurerscoventryandwarwickshirecentral/customer/reviews/

To receive such positive reviews really is amazing. I love all hearing how much my mums enjoy the classes and how their little ones have progressed with their developmental skills! The flexibility of working for myself has allowed me to be there for my daughter and husband when they have needed me. In particular,for my daughter when she transitioned to a brand new secondary school in September 2016. Thankfully being there for her in the morning and when she returned from school to hear all about the settling in stories really helped her to make a smooth move.

I have lots more planned for ARTventurers Leamington Spa, Central Warwickshire & Coventry for 2018!  I am already booked up until March with birthday parties, I am hiring 2 members of staff to assist with classes and parties! And I have secured a space in Hobbycraft Coventry to run extra art classes for toddlers aged 2yrs+ and I have more plans for expansion and growth…watch this space!!!

I cannot wait to create more amazing, fun, messy(!) memories with all of my sparkly and colourful ARTventurers family!!!

Maddie xx



Looking for a baby or toddler class in Coventry or Warwickshire?

Looking for a baby class, toddler art class or messy play class in Coventry, Kenilworth, Stratford or Warwickshire?

Hi! I’m Maddie – I’m a local mum and owner of ARTventurers Coventry and Warwickshire (Central)

I love running our multi-award winning ARTventurers art classes for babies, toddlers and children in Coventry, Stratford, Kenilworth and Warwickshire – It’s so rewarding and there’s never a dull moment with some of our little artists!!

I also offer creative birthday parties, festivals and events too! We’re all about learning and development through art and creative play – we always provide OODLES of opportunities to create, explore, paint, sing and dance…and make messy memories together!!!

So if you are looking for a colourful, creative, fun, imaginative class for your baby and toddler in our area then click on the ‘Book a Class’ button to find your nearest class!

See you soon!

Maddie & ARTy bear xx

10 simple, brilliantly messy & creative play activities to try at home!

It’s a gloomy winter day when the TV is driving you to distraction and the little ones are desperate for something to do….open your kitchen cupboards and whip up some messy play fun! Open ended messy and creative play activities can keep children entertained for AGES! Plus all the time they’re playing they’re learning, developing skills, working on language and communication, problem solving…so it’s educational too!

If you’re mess-adverse then there are some “less messy” options in the list below, but it’s also really quite easy to keep mess contained! Try using a long low storage box to keep the play materials contained (like an under bed storage box), pop an old sheet or plastic cloth on the floor and strip the kids down to vests and nappy/pants so they can get well and truly stuck in!

  1. Rice Play

This is definitely low mess and so much fun! Coloured with food colouring or just plain, add spoons, pots, pans, colanders….it’s sensory, GREAT for scooping and pouring and measuring and it’s magic stuff that somehow can soothe the most fractious toddler!!

  1. Edible Paints

We love using edible paints in our Baby ARTventurers classes…SO easy to make! You can try finger painting with things like yoghurt or whip (with some food colour added?), mix up a super simple edible paint with flour and warm water and a bit of colouring. Set out some large sheets of paper (lining paper is cheap and brilliant for this) and let your little artist get making marks and creating masterpieces!

  1. Jelly on a Plate!

Wibble wobble, wibble wobble…hide some toys in jelly and let them dig them out! OR use jelly granules with a small amount of water to create a paste – you’ve got jelly paint!!

  1. Oats or cereal Play

For those who are mess averse – a box or tray of oats or dry cereal can provide a fab dry play material! Add trucks and diggers and it can become a building site…pour water in too and start mixing up some concrete!

  1. Gloop!

Is it a solid, is it a liquid??…it’s rare to find a child (or adult!) who isn’t fascinated by gloop! Mix it up with cornflour and water – super simple and FABULOUS for Halloween slime with some colour added!

  1. Cloud dough

Super soft, mouldable just like sand (but not as gritty!) and SO easy to make….just grab some flour and add some veg oil…mix with your fingers to achieve a crumbly mouldable texture….now PLAY!

  1. Chocolate mud

Just follow the cloud dough instructions above – and chuck in some chocolate powder! Add some plastic pots and a few vegetables and you’ve got your very own veg patch to dig and play with! Kept in a sealed airtight box between play sessions this should keep for quite a while!

  1. Spaghetti/pasta play

Brilliant for developing those fine and gross motor skills and pincer grips, playing with spaghetti is always a big hit and it’s so easy to do! Cook until just cooked, drain and stir in some food colour if you want to brighten it up a little…how much fun?!

  1. Flour

Never underestimate the play properties of plain old flour! It’s a snowy scene, it’s a snow storm! It’s great for piling up and knocking down! You can make marks, draw patterns, write your initial…get set GO!

  1. Super snow

Ok, so for this one you’re going to be raiding the bathroom cabinet as well as the kitchen cupboard! Cornflour AND shaving foam – mix together and crumble with your hands to create some super snow! This isn’t one for babies who are just going to pile it straight into their mouths but older kids can have hours of fun mixing and playing with this one!

If you’re trying some messy play at home then we’d LOVE to see the photos – post them our social media with #artventurersfun so we can see what your own ARTventurers have been up to!

Have fun trying these out at home!

Maddie & ARTy bear xx