Why ARTventurers?

I’ve had many jobs throughout my relatively short life (okay, okay in nearly 31 years). Until Teaching, the job roles I’d managed to bag were mainly sales related. For those who know me well…or had the pleasure of working alongside me, you’d have learnt by now that selling isn’t my forte – I’m not ruthless enough to sell, I’m too empathetic and let sentiment and emotions stand in my way. I want you to know this so that you understand – I WILL NEVER try to ‘hard’  sell ARTventurers to you – I will never enforce ARTventurers on you or pressurise you into trying our classes.

I won’t do this because I simply believe I don’t need to! The beauty of ARTventurers classes shine through in every session.

We live in a social society, a world that appreciates communication more than ever. Go back a decade ago and consider just how much technology has changed – all to enhance our means of communicating. In a world where communication is so vital, it’s becoming more  increasingly important to instill the skill of communicating effectively into our babies. How do we do this? We take them out, we create situations where they can learn to communicate and we lead by example, allowing them to observe as we communicate with others.

For this reason, baby and toddler classes have fast become a popular trend. With so many in exsistance and so many to choose from, why ARTventurers?


Let me start by telling you that ARTventurers is so much more than messy play! Each activity created is in line with EYFS key principles and delivered to the highest of quality. Behind each tuff spot, there’s a science to creating a safe, welcoming learning environment for your child to explore and play. As well as being magically messy, our activities allow children to develop both fine and gross motor skills in preparation for school…and, well…life too! Take our free painting station for example. In this one area, both babies and children can develop so much. Just by simply learning to hold a paint brush, a child will strengthen their arm/hand muscles. Through spreading paint, children realise that they can control the marks they make in society. They learn to adapt size and  shapes, take risks, be resilient.


Through certain activities, children can also learn to develop key problem solving skills such as being resourceful and learning to create with what they have in front of them. They begin to realise that practice leads to improvement, that mistakes can be corrected or changed to form different outcomes. This, in turn, enhances their growth mindset – something which must be fundamentally encouraged in young children. Growth mindset teaches children never to give up, accept failure or believe that they are not good enough. It shows them how to overcome obstacles, persevere and accept challenge. A child who believes in growth mindset has the ability to believe in their own abilities. They are more confident, more willing to work hard and relish in a sense of achievement. ARTventurers classes promote this theory and give both yourself and your child the tools to develop this through our wide range of activities.

It’s not only through growth mindset that confidence is developed. Both babies and toddlers can develop their confidence in a range of areas, especially in communication. Through Art, children can learn to express their thoughts and feelings, likes and dislikes. They learn to interpret the world around them, transferring their opinions in a visual manner which helps us to understand. They can explore their own personality and individuality, communicate their emotions and learn to give/receive constructive feedback. Our sessions also allow children to work both independently and collaboratively, learning to compromise and work together effectively (even if it’s working with you!). This is achieved predominantly through our craft activities such as designing a collage or moulding.


The world is becoming more creative. Whereas schools were once discouraged from encouraging creative programmes, times are changing. ARTventurers promotes creativity and imagination from such a young age. All our sessions are designed to enhance creativity as we believe the benefits of this are of prime importance. Being creative supports originality, being able to think independently and turn ideas into new possibilities. With more jobs existing in Creative Media than ever before, being innovative and creative is more necessary than ever.

I asked you ‘Why ARTventurers?’ earlier before – here are only but a few of the reasons why ARTventurers classes are right for you child. Not only do we care about creativity, we care about learning. We care about giving your child the right tools to succeed, the right environment to progress. Oh, and lastly, we care about making messy memories together…In a way which doesn’t feel like learning at all but feels fun and enjoyable.

More information on our available classes can be found at: https://www.artventurers.co.uk/durham/book-a-class/



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