ARTventurers Inverclyde is ONE year old!

The first ever Scottish ARTventurers branch launched one year ago! And here is the face behind it!!collage-2016-10-21-19_55_54Here’s a few fun facts about Cheryl from ARTventurers Inverclyde & North Ayrshire!

1: I’m Cheryl!
2: Mummy to Dylan and Ethan
3: Wife of Paul, ok, not really, can’t quite seem to get that one sorted…..hmmm…
4: I worked in retail for best part of 20 years
5: all of those pics are me, yes, even those cute baby ones…..what happened?!
6: I’m a little bit daft….
7: only since becoming a mummy….
8: number 7 is a fib
9: I still own take that merchandise from 1993
10: my first car was a 1986 vauxhall nova
11: I can’t remember what I walked into a room for but I can remember number 10’s number plate!!
12: I love going to see bands, have seen take that waaaaay too many times, I will always love them haha! Best gigs though, too many, Travis at the Barrowlands, Foo Fighters, and KISS…. Obligatory facepaint for that one!
13: my sisters are twins
14: my cousins are twins
15: my uncles are twins
16: I’m not. One of me is enough!
17: before discovering ARTventurers, a psychicy lady told me I’d be on stage, or at front of a room, singing…… Noooooo, I don’t do singing infront of people!
18: she was right!
19: I’m awfully fond of tea…..and rosé wine….and prosecco!
20: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first year running ARTventurers classes here, met so many lovely parents, babies and toddlers, some of whom have been with me since the very first class!

Thank you to all the little ARTventurers for helping make such a memorable year!!

Cheryl x