Learning to be an ARTventurers ‘Mumpreneur’

ARTventurers Inverness.

Hello!!!   This week, I launched my branch of ARTventurers, in the Highlands of Scotland –  ARTventurers Inverness.

I am learning and developing something new everyday to prepare for our first term of classes in May.  I just can’t wait to get going.   This is the first time that I have ever worked for myself, and it is new and exciting and let’s be honest a little bit scary..!   However, I have not only joined a fantastic business model,  I have joined an amazing team of hardworking ‘MUMPRENEURS’!

What? Why? When?

Based in Culloden, we will be starting classes just after the Easter Break,  across Inverness.  I will initially be running Baby ARTventurers classes from 6 – 18 months.  As well as our toddler class, Little ARTventurers which is suitable from 18 months -4 years .

Our award-winning sessions are designed to nurture and develop every child’s individual creativity.  Art has SO many benefits – from squishing and squidging in paint to exploring colours and textures, learning about the world around us, developing fine and gross motor skills, making friends and building confidence.

As a mum of two girls, who LOVE to get creative and explore, I am looking forward to guiding all your little people to explore their own creativity.  Whilst providing them with the perfect opportunity to get messy and really develop their imaginative  side.   Without you having to worry about the mess!

Art is incredibly important to me, and has been something I have always gone back to in a variety of mediums throughout my life.  It provides an escapism from reality whilst at the same time, that feeling of exhilaration when something you create brings joy to someone else is incredible.  Everyone experiences art differently and unlike the competitive nature of sports, it is something that is accessible to everyone.  There are no winners and losers, only artists and creators.

This is especially true for children.  Watch the joy on a childs face when they hand over a creation to their mum, dad, grannie, granddad, sister, brother….class leader..:D I can guarantee the feeling will be infectious.  The sense of achievement and accomplishment for every mark they have made, is pure joy.   In the words of Picasso – “Every child is an artist” – We just need to help them discover it for themselves.

At ARTventurers we aim to develop and nurture that natural, inquisitive creativity and really let your child find their own way in their own time.  Based around the Early Years Framework, our sessions really help children to experiment and express themselves through a range of colourful, creative and sensory activities.

Favourite Characters and Stories.

We look forward to welcoming you all along to ARTventurers Inverness and growing alongside you all.  As I build the framework and lesson plan for our first session block, I would love to know what stories, colours and characters your little ones love the best.  Each week, I will try to build our session around topics your children can engage and relate to.  Let me know their favourites.

See you all very soon, keep checking in here and on Facebook for class updates and booking information!


Linsey xx









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