The Rainbow Children

I came across this gorgeous poem written by Gemma Peacock, a mum who wanted to remind her own children that although we are missing out on so much there is still much to be hopeful for. She records the children of this generation as the “Rainbow Children” where the world had time to heal and children had time to dream and create. Thanks to a friend of mine who introduced me to the poem, I was inspired to create a Lockdown Keepsake to keep in our family memory box. Gemma has very kindly agreed for it to be shared for all the children.

The poem is gorgeous and reminds us of all the hope we see reflected in our children and to look to the positives of our current situation. Izzy has added her rainbow handprints to our copy, so we can look back on how she has grown.

I have also created a little Lockdown Thank You Certificate for our memory box. It is getting to the end of the school year and the time when awards and recognition are handed out for all the kids hard work throughout the year. It is also the time of year when I would be starting to prepare our class of 2020 Graduation Party to mark all our ARTY achievements, but sadly we will not be able to celebrate together this year. I am so sad that many of my current ARTventurers will be heading on to big school by the time we are able to resume our classes.

With the news that in Scotland, our children will not be back to school until our next academic year, it is hard to know exactly when our classes will be able to safely resume.

It is not just the children in our classes though. Every child in Scotland is going to lose all their end of year ceremonies. So I have created my own certificate version, inspired by this weeks Thank You to our children by Nicola Sturgeon, in the Scottish Governments Statement.

Please feel free to download a copy of both the poem and the certificate below for your own memory keepsake boxes and to thank our kids for being the superstars that they all are.

Keep safe everyone and stay connected.

Lots of love

Linsey xx

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