Perfect, painty toes

Baby footprints and toddler handprints always make any keepsake super cute and make lovely gifts for family. However….it’s not an easy feat to get a lovely clear painty print from a wriggly baby or a toddler! So here’s our little tip on how best to get a good clear print from your baby or tot….

Before we start though – it goes without saying that you need to make sure that your baby or toddler is in a happy and settled mood before you start to take a print! So make sure that they aren’t overtired, hungry or in need of a nappy change or drink before you get started and make sure that wherever you are doing the prints that they are somewhere that they feel safe and secure – sat on your knee for example.

Most children don’t mind having their feet painted, some of them love it and some find it quite relaxing BUT if your baby or toddler isn’t quite in the mood for it today – don’t stress either of you out….just take a break and try again another time!

(TV, music, a biscuit for older children or a comforter can also provide a good distraction)

Step 1 :

Get a large flat sponge and paint it using a brush. You could do one block colour or stripes!

Step 2 :

Press the little foot gently onto the sponge to transfer the paint from sponge to foot!

Step 3 :

Press the painty foot down gently onto the paper – make sure you have the heel onto the paper and gently press those little toes. You can also rock the foot – again very gently – from side to side to make sure you’ve got the full print

And that’s it – hey presto! Lift the foot away from the paper and reveal!

Best paint to use? Get some ready mix water-based paint – its easy to wipe or wash off, comes in a wide range of lovely colours and will produce a nice clear and long-lasting print

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