New Term Timetable August – October

Our new class timetable is available to BOOK NOW!! We are so super excited to be welcoming back lots of little ARTventurers with some new faces mixed in with our familiar friends.

Spaces are filling up fast so don’t delay and get booking today. If you haven’t joined us before and would like to find out more please just drop me a message. I LOVE talking about all our ARTY fun.

ARTventurers is a great opportunity for your little one to learn LOADS of new expressive techniques as they learn all about the world around them.

To join in the painty fun just visit the booking page

See you soon for some sparkly fun

Linsey and ARTY Bear xxx

Summer Holiday Hacks

Summer Holiday Hacks


It is getting to that point in the kids holidays now, where we are past the bliss of having lazy days and no structure. The sniping and bickering has definitely begun. If your kids are like mine and need to have some structure to keep them grounded – here is a handy wee Summer Checklist Hack to help keep them amused.

I have set a summer challenge for my girls to try and complete as many of these as they can – BUT – with the stipulation that they have to do them TOGETHER. Today they are off baking cakes with Grannie, while I have an office day.

Let me know how you get on and how many you can tick off.

If you have any other holiday hacks to keep the kids amused let me know!!

If you are looking for something to do and are in town tomorrow, pop into the Eastgate Centre and join us as we make some unique Lego Model Figures as a part of their Summer of Fun.

What a Busy July!

WOW! How are we just about half way through the summer holidays already?!

It has been an INCREDIBLY busy month for us here at ARTventurers Inverness. We had an absolutely brilliant time at KIDSFEST raising much needed money for kids in the area with MFR Cash for Kids. Along with the amazing Allana and Lynsey, who organise the whole event and LOADS of other fabulous local entertainers.

Just look at our AMAZING Banner from Kidsfest – we had a great time getting everyone involved in adding their own little piece of creativity.

We have also been running a variety of SOLD OUT workshops, which have been incredible for our First Summer – Thank you so much for coming along and getting painty and sparkly with us it has been SO MUCH FUN!. We also had birthday parties, home school workshops and planning for next term. It has been genuinely been AMAZING!! Not to mention Proud Ness and the Highland Games this weekend which just had THE best atmosphere.

Here is a wee gallery of highlights from the last few weeks ūüėÄ

Enjoy the rest of your holidays. Hopefully we will see some of you next week at BELLADRUM and the Bright Beauly Fair – where we will be doing our best to spread a little smile with kindness rocks.

Love Linsey x

What a start to our ARTy journey. Thank You

WOW, what a rollercoaster of a month I have had.  I just want to thank all the babies, toddlers and mums who have joined me on my first ARTventure journey.  I have loved meeting you all and getting to know such sweet little people and watching the delight and curiosity and sometimes uncertainty on their faces, as they try out new experiences for the very first time.

Our first few weeks in Balloch are over and it has been such an adventure. What an adventure it has been raising awareness for the fabulous Caudwell Children with our themed sessions, as well as a Royal endorsement as to how awesome our classes are by OK magazine.

It hasn’t been easy, I have had sleepless nights and agonised everything from my set up time, the preparation, the activities, if you have enjoyed yourselves, if I locked the hall door, if I sang in tune, if that even mattered, how was it affecting the family…my list was endless at 3am, 4 am. 6am..¬† BUT I DID IT!¬† The delight on these wee faces just means so much to me, and I am slowly beginning to realise that I can overcome these anxieties and face those fears.

I started this journey to challenge myself and to offer something amazing for our community and young people. I believe in the benefits of this class for your little people and desperately wish I had been able to take my children when they were little.

I have mentioned many times, the benefits of our class for development.  Physical skills such as mark making, muscle strengthening in babies, and coordination.  As well as the social benefits of learning to interact with peers, sharing of equipment and props, imaginative play and creativity and social expectations during circle time. All of which help to prepare for nursery and school.

Art, in its many forms, also provides many tools for learning to cope with our mental health such as Self Expression, Self Awareness, Emotional Release, Perseverance and Confidence.

This is Mental Health Awareness week and something that matters a great deal to me is the growing demands and pressures of society on our children’s mental health.¬† We are beginning to see these pressures taking their toll at a very young age.¬† There are a number of reasons for this one being that world is more connected than ever before.¬† I am honoured to give an introduction to skills that will in the future help children process these emotions and pressures.

I am looking at running a number of expressive workshops over the summer months, where children will be able to come together and work on collaborative art projects as well as creating some unique art pieces using their own self-expression skills with process art techniques to explore a variety of different ways to create art.


I hope those of you who were with us for our very first classes are still able to join us again as we start our next term, but if not I am honoured that ARTventurers and I are a part of your story.   We have raised awareness during our Watch Me Fly sessions for the charity Caudwell Children, which is doing fantastic things for families with Autism. We have discovered a variety of textures, and techniques, developed muscles, learnt some core mark making skills and made some fabulous keepsakes to remind you just how little those hands and feet once were.

How awesome will it be to look back on those in a few years and see how much they have grown. 😍

Rebooking for our summer term is open now   Come along and join in the fun and give your child a basis to build vital skills that will have long lasting benefits.


One Step At A Time…

Small changes made every day, become a catalyst for something bigger.

As a busy, working mum of two awesome girls.  I have had to make a number of life changes to bring ARTventurers to Inverness.

When I saw the post above, it made me stop and realise just how far I have come in my ARTventurers journey.  As soon as I came across the website for ARTventurers.  I knew it was something I needed to be involved in.  Since then, I have tried to do something every day to reach that goal.  Now we are only a few short weeks away from our very FIRST ARTventurers class in the Highlands.  It proves the theory that everything is achievable, just one step a time.

Feeling overwhelmed is a natural response when we are faced with a new challenge.¬† I use a number of techniques to help me cope with that feeling.¬† Other than breaking things into lists! My favourite technique is designed to make you pause and take stock of what is going on around you.¬† I am sure it has an official name – but for now, we will go with ‘Take 5’.

Stop. Think of 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can touch, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste.¬† This not only forces you to take a pause, but it also forces you to reconnect with your immediate surroundings. It also works well for both adults and children alike.¬† It is something I often use when my own kids are obviously struggling in a moment. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.¬† During our Baby, Toddler and FAmily ARTventurers classes, our senses are hard at work exploring all the time – although we don’t recommend exploring taste – unless you count the yummy biscuits and juice at the end!

On the subject of kids emotions and feelings.¬† I recently found a great book for helping young children understand emotions and that sometimes we all feel a little blue and that is ok.¬† Hopefully, we will be able to bring some book-related art activities to our Family ARTventurers and Little ARTventurers classes in Dingwall and Balloch sometime soon.¬† It’s important to help kids understand from a young age that we all feel blue sometimes, and that’s ok. In the meantime check out It is such an inspirational site.¬† I have bought two books already one for the girls and one for their school!

Where to find a class

For more details on how to join us at a class, check out our Events Booking page

We currently have classes booking in Balloch and Dingwall with a third class booking soon for the Nairn area.

Have a great day!

Linsey xx



Learning to be an ARTventurers ‘Mumpreneur’

ARTventurers Inverness.

Hello!!! ¬† This week, I launched my branch of ARTventurers, in the Highlands of Scotland –¬† ARTventurers Inverness.

I am learning and developing something new everyday to prepare for our first term of classes in May.¬† I just can’t wait to get going. ¬† This is the first time that I have ever worked for myself, and it is new and exciting and let’s be honest a little bit scary..! ¬† However, I have not only joined a fantastic business model,¬† I have joined an amazing team of hardworking ‘MUMPRENEURS’!

What? Why? When?

Based in Culloden, we will be starting classes just after the Easter Break,  across Inverness.  I will initially be running Baby ARTventurers classes from 6 Р18 months.  As well as our toddler class, Little ARTventurers which is suitable from 18 months -4 years .

Our award-winning sessions are designed to nurture and develop every child’s individual creativity.¬† Art has SO many benefits ‚Äď from squishing and squidging in paint to exploring colours and textures, learning about the world around us, developing fine and gross motor skills, making friends and building confidence.

As a mum of two girls, who LOVE to get creative and explore, I am looking forward to guiding all your little people to explore their own creativity.  Whilst providing them with the perfect opportunity to get messy and really develop their imaginative  side.   Without you having to worry about the mess!

Art is incredibly important to me, and has been something I have always gone back to in a variety of mediums throughout my life.  It provides an escapism from reality whilst at the same time, that feeling of exhilaration when something you create brings joy to someone else is incredible.  Everyone experiences art differently and unlike the competitive nature of sports, it is something that is accessible to everyone.  There are no winners and losers, only artists and creators.

This is especially true for children.¬† Watch the joy on a childs face when they hand over a creation to their mum, dad, grannie, granddad, sister, brother….class leader..:D I can guarantee the feeling will be infectious.¬† The sense of achievement and accomplishment for every mark they have made, is pure joy. ¬† In the words of Picasso – “Every child is an artist” – We just need to help them discover it for themselves.

At ARTventurers we aim to develop and nurture that natural, inquisitive creativity and really let your child find their own way in their own time.  Based around the Early Years Framework, our sessions really help children to experiment and express themselves through a range of colourful, creative and sensory activities.

Favourite Characters and Stories.

We look forward to welcoming you all along to ARTventurers Inverness and growing alongside you all.  As I build the framework and lesson plan for our first session block, I would love to know what stories, colours and characters your little ones love the best.  Each week, I will try to build our session around topics your children can engage and relate to.  Let me know their favourites.

See you all very soon, keep checking in here and on Facebook for class updates and booking information!


Linsey xx