Much more than messy play!

Now our new term of ARTventurers is firmly underway I thought it was high time I posted about some of the fun we have, but also about one of the most important questions I get asked.

A question I’m asked regularly is, “Is it a messy play class?” and the answer is most definitely no, ARTventurers is much MORE than a messy play class! Yes, we’re all about learning through play and there is usually (ok, always) mess involved, ha ha, but in our older classes particularly we focus on art based activities and encourage the children to experiment with different mediums and techniques too. We try to offer opportunities for children to explore different colours, textures, shapes, sizes and to talk about what’s going on around them as they do it. We encourage cutting, sticking, spreading, rolling, sprinkling, scooping, pouring and LOADS of things that help both fine and gross motor skill development whilst still being loads of fun. Talking about what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, the different things they’re seeing and exploring helps their language and communication, as well as helping them to explore and develop their social skills with the other children in the class. The structured start and end to each class helps them to understand and appreciate routines and also allows us to use music and movement too and the weekly theme presents plenty of opportunities for different types of activities, both messy and creative.

So when people ask, “Is it a messy play class?” you’ll understand why our answer is always, “No, we’re much MORE!”

Here are a few photos of our lovely Baby and Little ARTventurers exploring over the last week or so.

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