New term; new timetable!

As if the summer holidays are almost at an end! Where on Earth has that time gone? If, like me, you’re suddenly aware that ‘routine’ is starting again next week but you still feel like you should have another few weeks left of ‘holidays’, then hopefully a shiny new timetable for a sparkly new term should help ease the pain by filling your time with messy, ARTy fun.

There have been a few changes to our timetable for this term, most noticeably with the combination of our Baby and Little classes into mixed age classes. This should mean that those with little ones who are too old for one class or too young for the other can all join in together, and it will provide a good mix of both sensory/messy fun and art based activities for everyone to get stuck in to.

Here’s where you can find us and we hope to see you at a class very soon!

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