Intergenerational ARTventurers

We are absolutely over the moon to have secured a venue for a monthly Intergenerational ARTventurers class. Our first date is Thursday 19th March – we’ll be running 2-3pm from Brantley Manor in Lincoln. Bringing generations together through art and sensory, messy play we’re looking forward to seeing what mischief everyone can get up to!

We’d absolutely love as many little ones as possible to be a part of something so amazing, especially when the benefits are so great. The little ones taking part will be able to aid their development with communication, gross and fine motor skills, independence and a multitude of other areas. Also, they’ll be able to interact with the residents, bringing joy and a welcome break from their every day in the care home.

There have been studies conducted that prove the benefits to the elderly, especially those with dementia, from interacting with children are enormous. I know from personal experience that my nan almost took on the characteristics of my children when we went to visit her. It was amazing to see! She talked about it for days afterwards. Even when she couldn’t remember who we were, she always remembered the fact we’d been and the joy that visit had brought her.

So, if you’re looking for something different to do, why not give this class a try?! We can’t wait! To book your space please pop to Intergenerational ARTventurers.

See you soon,
Jo x

PS – To get more information about the care home and their location please visit their website: Brantley Manor Care Home

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