Salt Dough Handprints

If you’re looking for a simple but fun activity that your little, and not so little, ones can get involved in whilst making a keepsake, this one is for you. Salt dough handprints can be made in a variety of ways but the finished results always look really effective.

The basic recipe consists of the following:

  • One cup of plain flour
  • One cup of table salt
  • Half a cup of water

All you need to do is mix the flour and salt together and then add the water gradually and mix into a dough. Once mixed, knead well until all ingredients form a smooth dough. Pop the ball of dough onto a sheet of baking parchment and roll out into whatever shape you desire leaving it an inch or so thick. You can do multiples of these amounts too as long as the ratios stay the same.

The best bit about making the dough is that little ones love to get stuck in and help! Just pop a towel on the floor and let them get their hands in, squishing and squidging the ingredients into the dough. Here are my two boys (4 and 14m) having a go last week in the garden.

Making salt dough

Once the dough is formed and rolled, all you need to do is firmly print your hands into it being careful to not press too hard – you don’t want to make any holes.

Before drying out
After drying out

Once thoroughly dried, get some different coloured paint out and paint the handprints to make them really stand out. Nail varnish works for this too, to make them really vibrant. To finish, use clear nail varnish or PVA glue to cover the whole dough to seal and preserve it.

Painted salt dough keepsake

And there you go! Easy salt dough handprints to make a lovely keepsake. These make adorable gifts for grandparents (or other family/friends) too if you fancy doing multiples.

Have fun and be sure to pop us a message on our Facebook or Instagram pages (@artventurerslincolnwest) if you have a go!

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