V.E Day is fast approaching and so it’s time to decorate our windows in remembrance. Poppies are such an easy thing for little people to create and are clearly recognisable too.

There are LOADS of ways you can create poppies for display including painting hands, balloons or old CDs.

If you’d like to have a go at CD Printed Poppies, just click the link for a short video showing you how! You just need some old CDs, red, black and green paint, some paper and some scissors if you’d like to cut them out to display. They look really effective and are super simple too!

Finished poppies

We’re running a full day of activities on Friday in our Facebook group if you’d like to join us. Just head to The Big Neighbourhood V.E Day 75 Family Festival At Home! and there’ll be information on what will be happening and when throughout the day. We can’t wait!

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