New term; new timetable!

As if the summer holidays are almost at an end! Where on Earth has that time gone? If, like me, you’re suddenly aware that ‘routine’ is starting again next week but you still feel like you should have another few weeks left of ‘holidays’, then hopefully a shiny new timetable for a sparkly new term should help ease the pain by filling your time with messy, ARTy fun.

There have been a few changes to our timetable for this term, most noticeably with the combination of our Baby and Little classes into mixed age classes. This should mean that those with little ones who are too old for one class or too young for the other can all join in together, and it will provide a good mix of both sensory/messy fun and art based activities for everyone to get stuck in to.

Here’s where you can find us and we hope to see you at a class very soon!

Much more than messy play!

Now our new term of ARTventurers is firmly underway I thought it was high time I posted about some of the fun we have, but also about one of the most important questions I get asked.

A question I’m asked regularly is, “Is it a messy play class?” and the answer is most definitely no, ARTventurers is much MORE than a messy play class! Yes, we’re all about learning through play and there is usually (ok, always) mess involved, ha ha, but in our older classes particularly we focus on art based activities and encourage the children to experiment with different mediums and techniques too. We try to offer opportunities for children to explore different colours, textures, shapes, sizes and to talk about what’s going on around them as they do it. We encourage cutting, sticking, spreading, rolling, sprinkling, scooping, pouring and LOADS of things that help both fine and gross motor skill development whilst still being loads of fun. Talking about what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, the different things they’re seeing and exploring helps their language and communication, as well as helping them to explore and develop their social skills with the other children in the class. The structured start and end to each class helps them to understand and appreciate routines and also allows us to use music and movement too and the weekly theme presents plenty of opportunities for different types of activities, both messy and creative.

So when people ask, “Is it a messy play class?” you’ll understand why our answer is always, “No, we’re much MORE!”

Here are a few photos of our lovely Baby and Little ARTventurers exploring over the last week or so.

Baby class, Toddler class and Messy Play in Lincoln, Retford and Gainsborough!

Looking for a baby class, toddler class or messy play in Lincoln, Retford or Gainsborough?

Meet Jo – local mum and owner of ARTventurers Lincoln West, Retford and Gainsborough

(complete with one of her gorgeous kitties, Winnie!)

Jo is a trained Secondary English and Media Studies teacher and runs our award winning ARTventurers art classes for babies, toddlers and children in the Lincoln, Retford and Gainsborough areas – plus creative birthday parties and events too! We’re all about learning and development through art and creative play – lots of opportunities to create, explore, paint, sing and dance…and make messy memories together!

So if you are looking for a creative class for your baby and toddler then pop over to Jo’s website to find out where her classes run near you!

SO much fun!

The end of the first autumn term is almost upon us! How on Earth has that happened already?! It’s fair to say plenty of Baby and Little ARTventurers that joined us for our first term have had SO much fun. Just look at some of these photos taken in our classes…

Booking is now open if you’d like to join us for our next term for more colourful, creative, messy fun! Please tell your friends about us too – fun is much better when you can share it with friends!

Jo x

It’s almost time…

Not long to go before we arrive in style with our first family Saturday session! There’ll be steering wheels to create, trucks, cars 🚗 and diggers to paint and scoop with, hot air balloons 🎈to decorate, rice to be scooped and poured and much more! 🎨

Then before we know it we’ll be off to our regular timetabled classes to fill the halls full of glitter, colour and mess!

Below is where you can find us from Saturday 9th September.

*Booking is essential as spaces are limited*
ARTy Bear 🐻 and I look forward to seeing you there.

Summer’s Almost Over!

How have the summer holidays nearly finished already?! I’m pretty sure we’ve been conned out of at least a week somewhere as it feels just like yesterday term was ending and the summer was beginning.

It does mean that the end of our introductory sessions is upon us. The first two have been great fun! First we visited the seaside with Anna at Caterpillar Music

and then we hunted through the jungle (and had plenty of fun along the way) in Retford.

Our final summer session is again joint with Anna at Caterpillar Music (which is fabulous fun by the way – try it if you haven’t already) and we are again taking a trip through the jungle, wading through swamp water, swinging on tangly jungle vines, creating fearsome lion masks, decorating gingerbread biscuits to create our own jungle characters and finally creating some footprint zebra keepsakes. Phew! Plenty to keep everyone entertained we hope. And if that isn’t enough, Anna will have you all singing and dancing with puppets and musical instruments to finish the session off. Great fun!

Look forward to seeing you there…and don’t forget to book your space for our term time classes too, spaces are filling up fast already!

Introductory Summer Sessions about to begin!

With only a few days left to go until we visit the seaside in our first Introductory Summer Session it’s fair to say I’m pretty nervous. The session is SOLD OUT which is amazing and I’m sure everyone will have loads of fun, it’s just such a change for me from being in a classroom with teenagers!

For those of you that don’t know, this summer marks a huge career change for me from being a secondary English Teacher to an ARTventurers class leader and although I’m super excited, I’m also really anxious about doing the best for you all and showing you what ARTventurers is all about so you can love it as much as I do. Creativity runs through my veins with my mum being a very talented watercolour artist and singer in a choir, my dad being a bass guitar player in a band back in the day, my sister playing multiple musical instruments and then me, who sings and writes songs, plays a few instruments, (mainly piano), is currently writing several children’s stories and has started a novel, attempts varying types of birthday cakes for my children each year (with varying levels of success it must be said) and loves drawing, painting and creating wonderfully unique things with my children!

(Picture is of the hilarious cake I baked for one of my Year 8 classes a few years ago – they never let me live the ‘Megan Fox’ cake down! At least it tasted good…)

Megan Fox cake

Discover Whisby

On Friday 11 August 10am to 4.30pm NK Outreach are holding a Discovery Day at Whisby Nature Park and guess who’ll be there to offer some ARTy activities throughout the day?! That’s right…ARTy Bear and I will be running a colouring competition to win a term’s worth of free classes at either Ruston Sports and Social Club or Witham St Hughs Village Hall, as well as some nature related craft activities. Pop along to see us to get a flavour of what we do and learn more about the fun to be had at ARTventurers.

The event will be held at Natural World Centre & Whisby Nature Park, LN6 9BW. If you have any questions about this or our regular sessions, please get in touch at or send me a message on our Facebook page. Thanks, Jo. x