V.E Day is fast approaching and so it’s time to decorate our windows in remembrance. Poppies are such an easy thing for little people to create and are clearly recognisable too.

There are LOADS of ways you can create poppies for display including painting hands, balloons or old CDs.

If you’d like to have a go at CD Printed Poppies, just click the link for a short video showing you how! You just need some old CDs, red, black and green paint, some paper and some scissors if you’d like to cut them out to display. They look really effective and are super simple too!

Finished poppies

We’re running a full day of activities on Friday in our Facebook group if you’d like to join us. Just head to The Big Neighbourhood V.E Day 75 Family Festival At Home! and there’ll be information on what will be happening and when throughout the day. We can’t wait!

Stained Glass Window Painting

Another week of lockdown is nearly over and I’m sure, if your little ones are anything like mine, they’ve eaten you out of house and home, played with everything going, coloured in the entire outside using chalk, tried to poison you with their baking and are still desperately searching for some activities to do! Don’t they ever seem to get tired?! I bet you’re now looking for some Easter activities to keep them occupied over this unusual weekend. We’re happy to help!

Stained Glass Window Painting is a lovely activity that can be themed around absolutely anything. Our colourful example by ARTventurers South Manchester is Easter based. However, once Easter is over you could create a giant rainbow to thank the NHS. You could create a bear for the Going On A Bear Hunt idea that communities are taking part in. Or you could create absolutely anything else your littles fancy.

All you need are some masking tape, washing up liquid and washable children’s paints and you’re ready to go!

Use the masking tape on your window to create the outline of your design. Mix the paints you need with a drop of water and washing up liquid in a palette or in pots. Paint your design and leave it to dry – it will need a few coats to look vibrant and effective. Once it’s completely dry you can remove the masking tape and voila, your stained glass window is complete.

How to create a stained glass window painting

We hope you have fun with this and other Easter activities and it occupies your little ones for a wee while. We’d love to see some photos if you have a go – you can send them to jo@artventurers.co.uk or pop them in our community group on Facebook here.

Stay safe and well and we look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Lots of love,
Jo and ARTy Bear

Spin Painting Fun

Spin Painting Fun

Seen as though a lot of us are now at home with our little ones for the foreseeable, I thought I’d post some easy activity ideas that only require a few simple materials.

First up, spin painting! One of our most popular activities in our classes, this is a wonderful activity. It promotes discussions around patterns, colours and shapes, as well as working on those gross motor skills and coordination. Throw in a sprinkling of glitter or sparkles when it’s finished and you can add fine motor skills development to the list of benefits too. And let’s not forget, it’s great fun! 

All you need is a salad spinner (click here for a link to buy one); some circles of thick paper or card; several colours of paint, ideally watered down slightly; some glitter or sparkles to sprinkle on if desired. 

Just pop a card circle into the spinner and drizzle on a few different colours of paint. Put the lid on and give it a really good spin. You may need to check it and drizzle a little more paint on depending on how it’s spread but that’s up to you! Once the paint has spread out and you’re happy with it you can sprinkle on a little glitter or a few sparkles if desired or place to one side to dry. 

The end results look great and often resemble fireworks! We usually use this activity around Bonfire Night, Chinese New Year and carnival season for that reason.

I hope you have some fun with this one but be prepared, they won’t just want to do one or two, you’ll end up with your very own gallery of spin paintings to display. 

Come back soon for some more easy activity ideas. Have a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages too for more ideas and inspiration.

Here are my three little artists having a go at this activity this week along with their finished creations. They were very against adding anything sparkly which is most unlike them but who am I to argue?!