Easter Basket Craft

Are you thinking of doing an Easter Egg Hunt in the garden or around the house this Easter? Create an Easter Basket that your little ones can use to pop in their yummy treats that they find during the egg hunt.

what will you need for your Easter Basket?

  • 2 Paper Plates
  • Paint Pens (you can find these in The works) or Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or string
  • Hole Punch
  • Shredded Paper
  • Stickers

Step 2.

A grown-ups help will be needed for this step as it can be a bit tricky. Using the scissors cut a hole in the top half of each plate making sure you don’t go right to the end. This will be the handle of your basket.

Step 3.

Using the paint pens or crayons let your little one get creative by making marks on the plates. Only one side of each plate needs to be decorated but if they want to do both that is absolutely fine too! You can add stickers on at this stage too.

Step 4.

You may need to wait for the paint pens to dry. Then it will be time to punch holes around the outside of the plates for the ribbon to thread trough. Top Tip: place the plates together to do this so that the holes are in the same place on each plate. Younger children may need a little support on the next step which is to tread the ribbon around the plate so that the plates stay together to form a basket. (The bottom of the plates should be facing the outside so that a pocket is created in the middle). Once you have threaded the ribbon through all the holes, finish off with a bow to secure it.

Step 5.

Now your little one can place the shredded paper into the pocket of the basket. just so that is reaches the top of the basket. All there is to do now is keep your finished Easter Basket safe ready for Easter Sunday when you can use it to go on an Easter Egg Hunt around the garden or the house. Why not use our FREE ARTventurers Printable Easter Egg Hunt!

I hope you have enjoyed creating an Easter Bakset with your little one. For more art activities to enjoy with your little ones join our Community Facebook group here