Meet a Franchisee!

What’s it really like owning your own ARTventurers business and being part of the ARTventurers Team?

Who better to spill the beans than our very own ARTventurers franchisees?

Meet a franchisee, Lara – the proud owner of ARTventurers Newark and Grantham. Lara has been running her ARTventurers business since October 2014 and fits her business around life as a busy mum of two!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background before you joined the ARTventurers Team


My name is Lara and I’m mum of two- Ollie who is 8 and Evie who is 5. Originally from Essex, I lived and worked in London for many years before moving up to Long Bennington, Lincolnshire, nearly 5 years ago.Lara

Before I had my children I worked in marketing for a company that organised huge trade exhibitions and events around the country. I particularly enjoyed the creative side of the job, working with designers on the look of our marketing campaigns.

I studied art and design when I was younger and have always enjoyed painting and trying out different crafts in my spare time.

How did you come across ARTventurers?

I came across ARTventurers through searching on the internet. When my youngest started school I was looking for a work opportunity which allowed me to fit work around the kids and also enjoy my love of art and being creative. I found the ARTventurers website and it looked like so much fun, I had to find out more!

What made you decide to join the ARTventurers Team?

I met up with Fiona (the founder and MD of ARTventurers) and attended some of her classes to find out exactly what it was all about. The classes were amazing and when I saw how much the children and class leaders enjoyed themselves, I knew I wanted to be part of that.

Which area does your ARTventurers business cover?

Newark and Grantham area in the East Midlands

Describe a working day in the life of an ARTventurers franchisee!

I’ll start my day, like most mum’s, getting the kids ready for school and then dropping them off. I’ll then load up my car with all the equipment and materials needed for my classes that day. I’ll get to my venue and set everything up for my first class. Baby class first, so I’ll have a great time running the class, playing with babies, chatting to parents and doing a bit of singing and dancing! Once the class is over, I’ll then clear up and get the hall ready for my next class which is an older class (18 months plus). I love running the older classes, just as much as the babies, as you can help the little ones with their creations, have lovely chats with them and enjoy watching them have a fun messy time!

After the last class, then it’s clearing up time! Not the most glamorous part of the job but it keeps you fit and is worth the effort after all the fun you have with the children.

I then head home and usually have time to have a cuppa and catch up on my work emails and messages before collecting my children up from school. I love the fact that this job allows me to do the school run every day!

How have you found the training and ongoing support you have received as part of the ARTventurers Team?

The training has been fantastic and I felt fully equipped and prepared to run my first class. The ongoing training and support has been tremendous and I’m learning new things all the time to help improve my business. Fiona is always on hand to offer advice or answer questions I may have. Although I’m based many miles away from her, that has never been an issue as I always get the support needed.

What is also fantastic is the regular contact I have with all the other franchisees in the ARTventurers team. We are usually in touch with each other on a daily basis, sharing ideas or asking for/giving advice and so you really do feel part of a team.

What is the BEST thing about running your own ARTventurers business?

The best thing is having the flexibility of being able to run your classes and events when and where you want to. You are your own boss, so you can fit the work around the needs of your family and other commitments.

The other best thing, of course, is working with all the lovely children who come to my classes. I find it so rewarding to see how much they enjoy coming to class and gives me a real sense of achievement!

And what have you found the most difficult?

Initially I found it difficult having to “sell myself” to get the word out about my classes. However, over time  and experience my confidence in my ability quickly grew and it’s no longer an issue.

What are your future plans for your ARTventurers business?

At the moment I am currently happy with the number of weekly classes I run, but perhaps in the future I would like to do additional days and maybe hire another member of staff to help me run them. I currently run parties but in the future I would like to increase the number of parties I do and other events- provided it fits in with family life!!

Any words of wisdom for someone thinking about joining the ARTventurers team?

Go for it! It’s such a fun and rewarding job and provided you can handle the fact that the inside of your car will be permanently sprinkled with glitter, you won’t look back!

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If you’d love to join Lara and become part of the ARTventurers team running your own colourful art classes for babies, toddlers and children then we’d love to hear from you! Drop Fiona an email at for more info and a chat!