Homemade paint – safe for your baby

Looking for a homemade paint that’s super safe for your little one? A paint that is easy to make from your cupboard and your little one will love too?

Our simple flour paint recipe has to be the easiest out there and will keep the kids entertained whilst we are all stuck in the house. Plus it is taste safe for even the smallest artist!

Homemade Paint Recipe

You will need –

-Tubs or a Muffin / Yorkshire Pudding Tin

-Plain or Self Raising Flour

-Food Colouring



-Paint brushes (optional)

To make the edible paint, I grabbed a couple of plastic tupperware tubs or you could use a muffin tin. In each tub, I heaped in a tablespoon of flour and added a tablespoon of water then mix until the consistency of paint. You can add a little more flour if it is too thin or more water if you prefer it to be more runny.

I added a drop or two of food colouring to each tub and mixed to create brightly coloured paint. That’s it – super easy homemade paint for your little ones!

(Please note, your food colouring may stain hands / worksurfaces depending on the strength. Please cover any worksurfaces before beginning to paint.) The paint will store for a couple of days in a sealed Tupperware box.

Let your little one explore the paint with their hands or paintbrushes. Babies may enjoy being in their high chair with the paint and paper on the tray in easy reach. Or pop an old sheet on the floor to create a safe space to enjoy your art activities.

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