Sensory Rice fun for babies and children

Sensory play activities for babies and children

We love to encourage our ARTventurers and their grown ups to continue the creative fun at home so I am sharing one of my all time favourite activities and recipes with you – Sensory Rice Fun for babies and children

In our art classes for babies and toddlers, we love exploring textures and one way is to use coloured rice to encourage your little one to explore new textures in a safe way. It is so simple to make, easy to store and lasts for months. You can use either plain uncooked rice or you can colour it to create a rainbow effect. A 1kg bag is a great size to give you plenty. To colour it, pour the rice into a bowl, add a few drops of food colouring to the rice, give it a mix to coat it all. Spread it across a baking tray and pop your sensory play rice in to the oven (around 100 degrees) for 5-10mins to dry and seal in the colour. Once it is fully cooled, put the rice into a shallow tray or bowl and let your baby explore the sensory rice.

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My top tip is to put down an old bed sheet or large towel to catch the spills. You can then fold up the sheet into a funnel shape and pour the rice back into a container at the end, ready to use another day.

Sensory Rice play is fantastic for helping to develop fine motor skills – It is very sensory and has a fantastic calming effect! It makes a brilliant noise when your pour it (especially in a metal tray) and it is amazing for scooping and pouring. Try adding in spoons and cups, encouraging your little one to fill and then pour the rice. You can add little figures, diggers, trucks or even animals – the possibilities are endless!

We would normally use sensory rice play in our art classes for babies and children however if you are at home with your little one, you can store the rice away in a sealed container to reuse over and over. As with any play activity, please ensure that you have checked for any allergies or intolerances and supervise your little one closely at all times.

Have fun everyone!

Emily x

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