Easy cloud dough recipe for babies and children

A very popular activity we do in our ARTventurers classes is cloud dough! It is a gorgeous soft texture that is suitable for all ages.

Below is the recipe which is super easy to make at home and provides endless fun. If you have a little one with a dairy allergy, you can use cocoa powder, however it works just as well with flour and vegetable oil, then head to your indoor beach.

You will know when it’s the right texture as you can squish it together but it’s still crumbly. Yes, it does get a little messy however it’s a great one to head outside with or pop an old bedsheet down on the floor inside to capture any loose bits and make scooping it away, super easy too.

If you have any plant pots you could do pretend potting, if you have any animals you could set up a farm, or safari or a dinosaur landscape! Some spades, kitchen utensils, empty kitchen rolls .. anything can be filled with cloud dough.

I used to make this for my girls in a little Tupperware tub so you don’t need to go big with this one. Store in a sealed bag or tub and it will keep for ages. Any questions .. just pop me a message for more info on our cloud dough recipe 😍

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