What’s on 4 Kids Awards 2021

Sooo I’ve got tons of amazing news to share… first up….. I’ve been nominated for a What’s On 4 Kids award 😱 A massively, huge thank you to everyone who has supported my art business over the last 7 yrs. With the last year of uncertainty, it is so overwhelming to still be standing and then to be recognised in this way by families. I love more than anything to run my baby and toddler classes across Newcastle & Gateshead and I’m so pleased you love what we do too!

So… these What’s on 4 Kids Awards are the children’s activity industry equivalent to the OSCARS!! Let’s get me to London so I can walk down that red carpet and tell everyone about my amazing little artists! Now it’s down to you guys and a public vote, so I’ll need lots & lots of help. So here I am, asking for your kindness and your votes, but not just YOU, but also your partners, your families, your friends, your dog… Anyone you can think of ☺️ (using all the available email addresses you have haha, even the embarrassing ones you set up years ago! you know the ones…😂).

ARTventurers Newcastle & Gateshead is nominated in:

🏆 Most Loved Academic or Creative Activity Franchise/License Territory

ARTventurers is also nominated in:

🏆 Most Loved Academic/Creative Activity (20+ Leaders)

🏆 Most Loved Baby Activity (30+ Leaders)

Plus anywhere else you spot an ARTventurers name, please give my colleagues a vote too, they are all amazing at their classes.

Please help me spread the word and a BIG Thank you for all your continued support ❤️ Click here to get voting

Emily xx

Lockdown Certificate for Children

As we head through what is (hopefully!) the last week of lockdown homeschooling for most of us and our children head back to school next week, at ARTventurers we think that both our children and us grown ups deserve a HUGE round of applause for being such homeschool superstars!🏆

We certainly have a renewed appreciation for everything our fab teaching staff do! We’ve created this special free printable Lockdown School 2021 Graduation Certificate you can all use on Friday when you ring the homeschool bell for the last time – to celebrate and also as something to pop in the memory box to look back on for years to come. We’ve put a free downloadable PDF version below – feel free to share with all of your homeschooling friends!

lockdown certificate

Click here for a downloadable version of our free Lockdown Certificate for Children

Easter Window Display

We’d love as many of our ARTventurers old and new to help us to create a GIGANTIC Easter window display at Great Park Community Centre. The normal family activities for Easter 2021 may not be taking place this year, but together with the community centre, we wanted to create an Easter window for families to enjoy on their neighbourhood Easter hunts.

All you need to do is get your little artists to decorate one of the Easter Egg templates below (there’s a printable PDF version if you click under the image with different designs to choose from), cut them out and then drop it into the community centre or post it to the community centre at the address below BY NO LATER THAN 12th March 2021.

We’ll then add all of the amazing artwork into a GIGANTIC piece of window art for the whole community to see. Once the display is finished, you will be able to view the display and spot your little ones artwork.

Send your Easter Egg artwork to us at this address by 12th March 2021:
ARTventurers, Great Park Community Centre, Roseden Way, Newcastle, NE13 9BD

Downloadable version here

Homemade Playdough Recipe

You can’t beat homemade playdough – sooooo much nicer than shop bought stuff that dries out within minutes. Cheap, quick and dead easy to make, it keeps for ages as long as you store it properly (cling film or airtight box) and keep it dry. You can add food colour to whip up different colour batches, sprinkle in some glitter, add things like porridge oats or rice for texture, vanilla or peppermint essence… tons of possibilities and variations!

Here’s our ARTventurers playdough recipe – it’s o SO easy to make!

Sensory Rice fun for babies and children

Sensory play activities for babies and children

We love to encourage our ARTventurers and their grown ups to continue the creative fun at home so I am sharing one of my all time favourite activities and recipes with you – Sensory Rice Fun for babies and children

In our art classes for babies and toddlers, we love exploring textures and one way is to use coloured rice to encourage your little one to explore new textures in a safe way. It is so simple to make, easy to store and lasts for months. You can use either plain uncooked rice or you can colour it to create a rainbow effect. A 1kg bag is a great size to give you plenty. To colour it, pour the rice into a bowl, add a few drops of food colouring to the rice, give it a mix to coat it all. Spread it across a baking tray and pop your sensory play rice in to the oven (around 100 degrees) for 5-10mins to dry and seal in the colour. Once it is fully cooled, put the rice into a shallow tray or bowl and let your baby explore the sensory rice.

art classes for babies and toddlers in newcastle

My top tip is to put down an old bed sheet or large towel to catch the spills. You can then fold up the sheet into a funnel shape and pour the rice back into a container at the end, ready to use another day.

Sensory Rice play is fantastic for helping to develop fine motor skills – It is very sensory and has a fantastic calming effect! It makes a brilliant noise when your pour it (especially in a metal tray) and it is amazing for scooping and pouring. Try adding in spoons and cups, encouraging your little one to fill and then pour the rice. You can add little figures, diggers, trucks or even animals – the possibilities are endless!

We would normally use sensory rice play in our art classes for babies and children however if you are at home with your little one, you can store the rice away in a sealed container to reuse over and over. As with any play activity, please ensure that you have checked for any allergies or intolerances and supervise your little one closely at all times.

Have fun everyone!

Emily x

Great Park Christmas Window Display

We need your help

We’d love as many of our ARTventurers old and new to help us to create a GIGANTIC window display at Great Park Community Centre. The planned family activities for Christmas 2020 may not be taking place this year, but together with the community centre, we wanted to create our own celebration window for families to enjoy this December.

All you need to do is get your little artists to decorate one of the Christmas present templates below (there’s a printable PDF version if you click under the image with 3 designs to choose from) and then drop it into the community centre or post it to the community centre at the address below BY NO LATER THAN 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 .

We’ll then add all of the amazing artwork into a GIGANTIC piece of window art for the whole community to see. Once the display is finished, you will be able to view the display and spot your little ones artwork.

Send your present artwork to us at:
ARTventurers, Great Park Community Centre, Roseden Way, Newcastle, NE13 9BD

Printable downloadable version here

Easter Card idea

Looking for cute Easter card idea to do with your little one? Whether you are at home with a baby, a toddler, preschooler or older child, this fun Easter card idea for kids could be just what you are looking for. A cute bunny themed card for your loved ones.

What will you need for your Easter Card?

  • Child friendly Paints in any colours (or see our recipe for homemade paint here)
  • Paint Brush (optional)
  • Baking Tray
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Rabbit Template (click here for the template download)
  • Pen
  • Thicker paper or A4 card for the card

Step 2.

Pop some paint onto your baking tray. Let your little one mix the colours with their hands or with a paint brush. Babies may enjoy doing this in their highchair with the baking tray in front of them.

Step 3.

This is the step your little one will love! Your little one can create patterns in the paint. They can practice colour mixing, practice drawing shapes & letters or simply enjoy swishing the paint around. Once you are ready, lay a sheet of paper onto the baking tray and press the paper down to capture the print. Pop the prints to one side to dry.

Step 4.

Whilst you wait for your amazing artwork to dry, it is time to create a bunny template. You could draw your own Easter Bunny shape or there is a handy bunny template you download here. Print the bunny shape out onto card or you could cut out a shape from cardboard / cereal box to create a template.

Step 5.

Once your artwork is dry and you have a bunny shape ready, pop the template onto your artwork and draw around the bunny template. Cut out the shape so you have a colourful bunny (or lots of colourful bunnies!).

Take your piece of A4 card and fold in half to create a card ready to decorate with your bunny. Stick your bunny shape onto the card with a little glue.

Step 6.

Now you or your little one can add some extra little details to your card. You could add some grass in crayon / pen, maybe a little carrot. If you have googly eyes, you could add one on or even a fluffy little cotton wool tail. You can add some words like ‘Happy Easter’ to finish off your card ready to pop in the post to someone you love.

I hope you enjoy creating an Easter card with your little ones and bringing a smile to someone’s face. For more art activities to enjoy with your children, check out our Facebook page here.

Emily x

My Top Tips for a Stress Free Kids Birthday Party

Planning a kids birthday party can often feel daunting but it really doesn’t have to be a scary thought. Having seen tons of children’s birthday parties in Gateshead and Newcastle, here are my top tips for organising a stress free, fun filled kids party!

Have a chat with your little one to see what they would like –

  • Indoor – soft play, role play, magician, messy play party, craft party for full class
  • Outdoor – Farm visit, picnic, craft party in the garden/park
  • Active – Trampoline park, disco or football
  • Party at home – Build a Bear party, arts & crafts party, jewellery making party

If you are looking for first birthday party ideas, ARTventurers can create a fab Baby ARTy party so you will have plenty of messy memories to look back on in the years to come! Here are some of the childrens party packages we offer.

unicorn children's birthday parties in Gateshead and Newcastle

Book a party venue –

If you don’t want a children’s birthday party in your house, you will need to find a local community centre or church hall that is suitable for your activity and numbers. Newcastle & Gateshead have tons of fab venues to hire for kids parties.  They will vary in price but often the one closest to you and your guests is the best option as it can be tricky transporting your prize birthday cake too far! Your entertainer will be able to help with suggestions on halls to hire. With plenty of party experiences, I can recommend fab venues that are perfect for arty parties throughout the North East.

Remember to ask your entertainer how long you will need the room for. The party might be 2 hrs long, but your entertainer will need time to set up the fabulous fun – it takes me 45 mins to be ready for your guests to arrive plus you will need some time to tidy away and get all the presents into the car! That extra bit of time will make for a stress free party!

If you want to keep the party small and have it at home, no problem ….. ARTventurers have tons of creative party options that aren’t messy. Just pop me a message.

Children’s Party Theme Ideas

Have a chat with your little one to see if they would like a theme for their birthday party? Whether they are into superheroes, mermaids or Harry Potter, having a theme is a great way to tie the party together. From the cake to the plates, to the balloons and party bags, there is no doubt that having a theme makes it much easier for you!

If it is a superhero party, Paw Patrol themed party, LOL Doll, Harry Potter, Moana birthday party or a Jungle theme…..it is handy to let the entertainer know. If you are having an ARTventurers party, we can theme the arty fun to anything your little one loves so just let us know. An art party can be a great activity for all ages and both boys & girls, and themeing it can make it even more special. If you are looking for a children’s birthday party in Gateshead and Newcastle, pop me a message.

Star wars children's birthday parties in Gateshead and Newcastle
minions children's birthday parties in Gateshead and Newcastle
superhero children's birthday parties in Gateshead and Newcastle

Party Invitations 

About a month before the party is the time to get the invites out in the post. If you are having a ARTventurers party, you will get your invites as part of our party package. If you need to find other invites places like The Range or Asda do fab selections. Once you have the invites, make sure you have the following on them –

  • Whose party it is. Your phone number.
  • The date, start and finish times of the party.
  • Venue info
  • An RSVP date so you know how many guests are coming. If you are having an ARTventurers party, you will need to let us know the final numbers about 10 days before hand.
  • Extra details such as messy clothes for the arty party or allergies for the food.

It is useful to keep a list of the invited guests so you can tick them off as they reply.

Children’s Birthday Cake

children's birthday parties in Gateshead and Newcastle

It is often useful to decide early on where you are going to get the all important cake from. There are normally three options

  • Homemade cake (go you!)
  • Supermarket
  • A local cake maker

They will vary massively in price and your theme. If you decide to go down the local cake maker route, it is best to get it organised asap as they are often booked up in advance. Your entertainer will often be able to recommend someone, friends and families often have someone they use or your local social media sites will have plenty of recommendations for you.

Party Decorations

You may want to decorate the room/venue to match your theme. Or have a big balloon with the age of your little one (a fab way of remembering their age when you look back on photos). You can use themed or coloured tableware too, there are tons of options available to tie everything together. It works really well to pop a themed table cloth on the table with the cake.

Kids Party Food

My top tip for children’s party food would be to keep it simple! Over the years, I have seen amazing party spreads more or less ignored by the children (then eaten by the adults!). Keep it simple for them and for yourselves. Cardboard lunch boxes are brilliant as you can fill them before the party and they are much easier to transport than plates of food. My top tips for kids party food is –

  • A simple ham / cheese / jam / chocolate spread sandwich (remember any allergies)
  • Packet of kids crisps
  • Box of raisins
  • A mini sausage roll wrapped in cling film
  • Chocolate mini roll or a freddo
  • Little bottle of water / juice so no pouring out drinks
  • A napkin in the lunch box so no need for plates

For older children, hot dogs are also super popular and really easy to prepare with a slow cooker or using the facilities in your venue.

Having some cans of pop handy for the parents is always popular. I’m never a great fan of teas and coffees at parties as there is always the risk of burns so I would stick to cold drinks. As the entertainer at parties, it is always lovely to be offered a cold drink. It can be hard work entertaining your cherubs, so a drink is always very much appreciated.

Party Favours/Bags

children's birthday parties in Gateshead and Newcastle

Now personally I am not a massive fan of party favours as I’ve seen far too much plastic go in the bin over the years. If you are having an ARTventurers party, themed party bags are part of the package so one less thing to think about (and the children take all their amazing creations home too so they certainly aren’t thinking about a plastic toy.)

My suggestions for party favours would be –

  • A pack of bubbles
  • A book (you can get cheap books from Boyes / Poundland / The Book People)
  • A sticker book
  • Something for a charity like a Red Nose or Pudsey Ears so you know your money is helping someone else too.
  • I’ve even seen hula hoops given out as a party favour and they went down a storm!

It is always lovely to see the birthday boy or girl saying goodbye to their friends at the end of their party and saying thank you for coming too. It is such a lovely way to end a fun birthday party.

Useful things to remember on the day of the party

  • Key for the venue
  • Cake
  • Candles
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Sellotape or blue tac
  • Scissors
  • Big knife for cutting the cake
  • Extra napkins for the cake
  • Money for the room hire/entertainer
  • Camera for the all important photos
  • Bin Bag

Hopefully these top tips for a stress free birthday party will be helpful but remember your party entertainer has tons of experience so don’t be afraid to ask them for advice. They will be the expert on the day so should take charge to ease any stress! If you want to know how I can help with a children’s birthday party in Gateshead and Newcastle, pop me a message to 07768373006 or emily@artventurers.co.uk

Most of all, your children’s birthday party should be fun for your little one and you too. Delegate jobs to friends & family so you can be there in the party and not stuck cutting cake. Enjoy the day!

Emily xx

children's birthday parties in Gateshead and Newcastle

Homemade paint – safe for your baby

Looking for a homemade paint that’s super safe for your little one? A paint that is easy to make from your cupboard and your little one will love too?

Our simple flour paint recipe has to be the easiest out there and will keep the kids entertained whilst we are all stuck in the house. Plus it is taste safe for even the smallest artist!

Homemade Paint Recipe

You will need –

-Tubs or a Muffin / Yorkshire Pudding Tin

-Plain or Self Raising Flour

-Food Colouring



-Paint brushes (optional)

To make the edible paint, I grabbed a couple of plastic tupperware tubs or you could use a muffin tin. In each tub, I heaped in a tablespoon of flour and added a tablespoon of water then mix until the consistency of paint. You can add a little more flour if it is too thin or more water if you prefer it to be more runny.

I added a drop or two of food colouring to each tub and mixed to create brightly coloured paint. That’s it – super easy homemade paint for your little ones!

(Please note, your food colouring may stain hands / worksurfaces depending on the strength. Please cover any worksurfaces before beginning to paint.) The paint will store for a couple of days in a sealed Tupperware box.

Let your little one explore the paint with their hands or paintbrushes. Babies may enjoy being in their high chair with the paint and paper on the tray in easy reach. Or pop an old sheet on the floor to create a safe space to enjoy your art activities.

For more art activities to enjoy with your little one, head over to our Facebook page here.

Award Wins for ARTventurers!

award winning art classes for babies and children

The ARTventurers’ Team had some amazing news earlier this month – Our art classes for babies and children were named Most Loved Academic/Creative Activity, Most Loved Party Entertainment AND Highly Commended for Most Loved Baby Activity in the What’s On 4 Kids Awards 2019!

If you’ve never heard of the Whats On Awards…..well, they’re kind of the Oscars of the children’s activity industry! They’re awards voted for by grown ups who come along to classes – so to be named nationally as the very best and most loved is an AMAZING achievement and we owe you all a very huge thank you for supporting ARTventurers in all that we do.

As we head into a half term filled with spooky creative fun, I’d just like to thank all of my ARTventurers big and small for all of your support and enthusiasm for my ARTventurers business. If you have a friend who you think would love to join in the award winning fun at our classes then please do spread the word – the more the merrier and, as a big THANK YOU, if a friend comes along and signs up for a term of sessions then you get a class FREE. Find out where you can join our art classes for babies and children in Newcastle or Gateshead here.

(So bring 5 friends along = 5 FREE classes, how fab is that?!)

love Emily, Elaine & ARTY Bear x