Easter Card idea

Looking for cute Easter card idea to do with your little one? Whether you are at home with a baby, a toddler, preschooler or older child, this fun Easter card idea for kids could be just what you are looking for. A cute bunny themed card for your loved ones.

What will you need for your Easter Card?

  • Child friendly Paints in any colours (or see our recipe for homemade paint here)
  • Paint Brush (optional)
  • Baking Tray
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Rabbit Template (click here for the template download)
  • Pen
  • Thicker paper or A4 card for the card

Step 2.

Pop some paint onto your baking tray. Let your little one mix the colours with their hands or with a paint brush. Babies may enjoy doing this in their highchair with the baking tray in front of them.

Step 3.

This is the step your little one will love! Your little one can create patterns in the paint. They can practice colour mixing, practice drawing shapes & letters or simply enjoy swishing the paint around. Once you are ready, lay a sheet of paper onto the baking tray and press the paper down to capture the print. Pop the prints to one side to dry.

Step 4.

Whilst you wait for your amazing artwork to dry, it is time to create a bunny template. You could draw your own Easter Bunny shape or there is a handy bunny template you download here. Print the bunny shape out onto card or you could cut out a shape from cardboard / cereal box to create a template.

Step 5.

Once your artwork is dry and you have a bunny shape ready, pop the template onto your artwork and draw around the bunny template. Cut out the shape so you have a colourful bunny (or lots of colourful bunnies!).

Take your piece of A4 card and fold in half to create a card ready to decorate with your bunny. Stick your bunny shape onto the card with a little glue.

Step 6.

Now you or your little one can add some extra little details to your card. You could add some grass in crayon / pen, maybe a little carrot. If you have googly eyes, you could add one on or even a fluffy little cotton wool tail. You can add some words like ‘Happy Easter’ to finish off your card ready to pop in the post to someone you love.

I hope you enjoy creating an Easter card with your little ones and bringing a smile to someone’s face. For more art activities to enjoy with your children, check out our Facebook page here.

Emily x

Homemade paint – safe for your baby

Looking for a homemade paint that’s super safe for your little one? A paint that is easy to make from your cupboard and your little one will love too?

Our simple flour paint recipe has to be the easiest out there and will keep the kids entertained whilst we are all stuck in the house. Plus it is taste safe for even the smallest artist!

Homemade Paint Recipe

You will need –

-Tubs or a Muffin / Yorkshire Pudding Tin

-Plain or Self Raising Flour

-Food Colouring



-Paint brushes (optional)

To make the edible paint, I grabbed a couple of plastic tupperware tubs or you could use a muffin tin. In each tub, I heaped in a tablespoon of flour and added a tablespoon of water then mix until the consistency of paint. You can add a little more flour if it is too thin or more water if you prefer it to be more runny.

I added a drop or two of food colouring to each tub and mixed to create brightly coloured paint. That’s it – super easy homemade paint for your little ones!

(Please note, your food colouring may stain hands / worksurfaces depending on the strength. Please cover any worksurfaces before beginning to paint.) The paint will store for a couple of days in a sealed Tupperware box.

Let your little one explore the paint with their hands or paintbrushes. Babies may enjoy being in their high chair with the paint and paper on the tray in easy reach. Or pop an old sheet on the floor to create a safe space to enjoy your art activities.

For more art activities to enjoy with your little one, head over to our Facebook page here.

Top questions I get asked about running my art classes for babies and toddlers!

Top Questions I get asked! 

Over the years I have been asked a lot of questions about running my art classes for babies and toddlers. I’m very lucky in that I get to meet so many amazing families in ARTventurer’s classes, at our children’s birthday parties and at creative events in Newcastle & Gateshead. I was recently asked something I have never been asked before (more about that later) but it made me think, I should write down the top things I am asked. So here they are.

1. How long have you been doing ARTventurers? 

In March 2014 I bought my Franchise after taking my eldest along to classes in Sunderland and having her 3rd birthday party. Starting out small, I ran a class once a week in Jesmond then I added to my timetable as my girls grew. I still have families with me now who came along to my first few classes all those years ago!

ARTventurers classes in Newcastle & Gateshead

2. Have you always been arty? 

YES! I have always loved art but only once I had my girls did I fall in love with art for children. I studied art at A Level and then Design Studies at Nottingham Trent Uni (because I couldn’t decide which type of art I liked best so I did them all). I then spent 18 years doing Marketing in my family business which is also now a large part of my role within ARTventurers.

3. How do you come up with all of the ideas for ARTventurers themes?

As part of our franchise, we receive a years worth of lesson plans. A whole 52 weeks of creative activities! However, this doesn’t stop me thinking up new themes and activities for our art classes. I have been doing this for 4.5yrs now so I like to keep it fresh and try new ideas. I can watch a film or read a book and instantly start thinking of activities. I can see a children’s art activity online and start to plan how we can use it in class. Just like our skateboard painting.

4. Where do you store everything for all of the different themes and creative parties?

A sore topic in my house……but my garage is jam packed full of materials, props and paint all ready for our weekly themes. From Christmas to Chinese New Year. From Halloween to Alice in Wonderland. From Paw Patrol to Peppa Pig….you name it, I have the props tucked away.

ARTventurers classes in Newcastle Gateshead

5. What’s your favourite arty theme? 

Within ARTventurers we are encouraged to come up with our own themes, own activities & ideas. I love coming up with new themes and one of my all time favourites has to be Trolls (followed closely by Moana).  Sat watching the film with my girls and my heading was buzzing with ideas…. Cloud Guy, tons of rainbows and masses of glitter! And the amazing soundtrack too!

baby art classes in Newcastle Gateshead

6. What’s your favourite arty activity?

Well it’s a bit of a running joke within ARTventurers that I am a huge fan of process art activities (so where the end product isn’t the focus).  One of my favourite process art activities is this really simple mixing paint & foam with their little hands. We talk about colour mixing, how the paint & foam feels, we draw patterns into the foam and get really messy in the process. Tons of fun in such a simple activity.


7. Do you LOVE what you do?

Absolutely! You really can’t run ARTventurers classes if you don’t love it. The children would know in an instant! Chatting to families, finding out what makes each little one tick and meeting new families at parties and events is what I love. One of the most amazing experiences I have ever had was during our intergeneration baby class within a care home. We brought together the residents of a care home and our baby art class and the response from residents, carers and the families was phenomenal.

I got told this week that it is really special that I know each little ones names and that is how I run my classes! I want everyone to love spending their time within an art class no matter what their age and hopefully that oozes when you meet me!


8. So the question I’ve never been asked before..

Have I ever been hungover doing a birthday party? Absolutely not! The Hokey Cokey is not good with a headache.

If you have you got any other questions you have wondered and wanted to ask me about art classes for babies and toddlers…. pop me a message here emily@Artventurers.co.uk.

Emily x