A new, sparkly Royal Baby!

Baby Archie – what a gorgeous little boy he is! May babies are definitely some of the best (I’m very biased – my little man was born in May, and he’s just turned 1!) and I know a lot of cool little dudes called Archie, so our new Royal baby already has a lot going for him.

I loved the way Harry and Meghan introduced him to the world, with him cradled in his Daddy’s arms. Harry’s smile lit up the room; he was beaming from ear to ear. Then there’s Meghan; what an incredible lady. A couple of days after giving birth and she’s wearing a stunning dress that makes her new mumbod look beautiful. High heels as well! I can’t wear high heels on a night out, let alone after giving birth! She was glowing and looked so happy and healthy. What a gorgeous family.

When two become three!

Becoming a unit of three when you’ve been a couple can be strange to get used to, but it all snaps into place eventually. As a new family there will inevitable challenges like:

  • sleepless nights.
  • sleepless days AND nights.
  • korma explosions in nappies and sometimes completely out of nappies and right up their backs.
  • worrying about when the umbilical stump is going to drop off when it’s been hanging on by a thread for a week.
  • trying to wind your newborn for a good half an hour, being unsuccessful and then three hours later they suddenly burp.
  • making a 4oz bottle for your baby to only take half an ounce.
  • trying to remember when you last changed their nappy and if they’ve pooed today, and usually having a discussion about the consistency of said poo.
  • crying that’s as loud and as constant as a car alarm

But that said, there are so many things to look forward to:

  • watching their face change everyday. Somedays they look just like mama, other days more like dada.
  • hearing them coo for the first time.
  • seeing that first gummy smile.
  • watching them explore the world around them, looking inquisitive and amazed.
  • when they snuggle into your chest like a little hedgehog.
  • when they roll from back to front and then front to back and you clap and cheer like crazy but they have no idea what they’ve done to deserve your praise.

Then there’s the fun of getting out there with your new bundle of joy and taking part in super fun baby classes to help their social and emotional development. Taking Jenson to baby classes was the highlight of my week and it’s such a wonderful thing to do, not just for baby but for yourself too. To see other mums and natter about things that worry you and things you’re proud of. Our classes are a perfect environment for you to have fun, natter and watch your baby explore and their imagination ignite.

By Royal appointment!!

We’re so proud to offer award winning and exceptional classes that are fully accredited by the Children’s Activities Association. What’s even better is that our colourful, creative and messy classes have been nationally recommended by OK! Magazine as one of the best baby classes for Meghan to take baby Archie to. Listed as the TOP brand of art and creative messy play classes, we are alongside the industry’s biggest names! How incredible is that?!

mum and baby reading magazine on sofa
Me and my little man reading the ARTventurers feature in OK! Magazine
mum and baby reading magazine
We’re super excited ARTventurers has been recommended to the new Royal parents!

Here’s a photo of the editorial that features our fabulous art classes:

artventurers magazine article

So if you are looking for a superfun baby class to take your amazing little person to, check out all the classes I have available at the moment in North Tyneside here. I LOVE seeing new faces join my amazing gang of ARTventurers, and we offer so many fun and varied activities for a range of different ages. We have a BRAND NEW summer term available for you to book. Go to https://www.artventurers.co.uk/northtyneside/book-a-class/ to see what classes are available throughout May, June and July.

So these next few months for Harry, Meghan and Baby Archie are going to be a rollercoaster of emotions. Ultimately it will be an incredible time. A special time. A time to be truly cherished. And they are most welcome to our ARTventurers classes, wherever they may be in the country.

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