How to throw an awesome lockdown Kids’ birthday party

So lockdown is here and we don’t know how long social distancing measures will be in place or when this covid-hell will end, but it won’t stop us from celebrating birthdays!
Here’s a few tips on how you can still make your Kids’ lockdown birthday the bestest ever!

1. Get crafting those decorations

Jazz up your house and make it party central… I’m talking home made bunting, homemade party banners, party hats, streamers, party poppers, shakers, anything that makes a loud noise, shredded paper to use as confetti…
Make it colourful and make it special. Make a pinterest board filled with ideas.

2. Birthday video messages

Get your little ones friends and family to record special birthday messages and ask them to message them to you via FB or WhatsApp, then edit them together on a video editing app, like Youcut, with some funky birthday music in the background! Then play it to your little one. If you can cast it onto your telly, even better! Kids love it when messages are on the big screen.

3. Make a cardboard box birthday cake

We’re all getting stacks of Amazon orders right? So let’s use those cardboard boxes and turn them into a cardboard birthday cake to decorate! Stack 3 boxes on top of one another, biggest at the bottom, smallest at the top and tape together. Then get paints out, get collage materials out, tissue paper, felt, sequins, stickers. Mix glitter into the paint. Use toilet roll tubes as candles and place them on the top. Instead of blowing out the candles, see if your little one can knock them off with plastic ball pool balls!

cardboard birthday cake
This idea from Meri Cherry art studio is amazing (image source:

4. Lockdown birthday selfies

Why not print out our fab lockdown selfie signs, print them off on card (or on paper and then laminate them if you have a laminator) and take some super fun photos with them! If anything it’ll make you smile when you throwback to them again next year! You can download our signs by clicking below:

Covid selfie card 1
Covid selfie card 2
Covid selfie card 3
Covid selfie card 4

5. Do some party games at home 

play pass the parcel by getting your little one to set out all their toys in a circle and pass the parcel round the toys. Or get Koo Koo Kanga Roo up on YouTube and dance along to their daft songs (I highly recommend at Party or Dinosaur Stomp). Why not hide little birthday present round the house and send your little one on a present scavenger hunt by making up clues on where the presents are hidden? Then there’s the classic Hokey Cokey, or depending on how many of you there are you could do a game of musical statues! Bust out those crazy moves.

6. Birthday mocktails

Make up some special party drinks for your little ones, use whatever random things you have in the cupboard, see what creations your little ones come up with. If they want to blend up brocolli, grapes and lemonade, let them try! They may accidentally create a new trendy smoothie!

7. Order a Bear Building Birthday kit from us!

In normal times, we offer bear building parties for your little ones and their friends. What we’re temporarily doing instead is offering bear building kits for your little ones to do at home with your supervision. Kits include the cuddly bear/animal skin, a canvas bag to decorate, colouring sheets, stuffing, and an adoption certificate for their new furry friend. To see what we can offer you just drop us a message 🙂 

8. But nothing beats seeing your friends and family on your birthday 

….and that can still happen, live, just via FB messenger video calling, Zoom or whatsapp group call. This is especially good for older children, who want to be able to see all their friends at once. Get them to collectively sing happy birthday to your gorgeous birthday child.

Ultimately, just have the bestest day with your little one. Play games, eat picky party food, have an indoor picnic, dance like a lunatic, throw around shredder paper and just keep on smiling.

As long as you stay safe and stay healthy, that’s all that matters 🙂

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