Sarah’s Weekly Blog – In uncertain times…what do we do?

Wow…this week has been crazy. Unless you are living in some totally remote and digitally unconnected corner of the world then you cannot help but have noticed the very unwelcome world traveller that is Covid 19.

So firstly, I am in no way going to try to be any type of expert on this because very obviously I am not. There are plenty of experts giving us lots of information (maybe too much, maybe not enough) but lots of information on this. I would question whether this is creating mass clarity or mass confusion, I suspect the latter. Who knows who is getting the response right or wrong. I certainly don’t and my opinion swings hourly.

What I do know is very personal to me. I will carry on with things in a normal (ish) way, where I can and for as long as I can until further restrictions are introduced. I also know I have some exceptions to this which involve people in my life who I perceive to be potentially more vulnerable or susceptible to the affects of this disease. I don’t personally worry too much about our kids catching this (my stepson and my son)…in theory they should be ok. I do worry though about the potential for any of us to carry this knowingly or unknowingly and potentially pass it on to someone who is more vulnerable in terms of their ability to cope with and recover from this disease. As I say, my mind changes almost hourly on what I think and / or intend to do and not do. There is a lot to think about.

What seems very apparent is that this won’t come to an end in the short to medium term. We could be seeing this affecting our lives and very sadly taking lives, for months to come. I also feel this period is really tough because it’s so ambiguous. In the absence of hard and fast rules at the moment we are left to make sense of it all…to make our own decisions. So how should we live right now, and how do we make decisions?

For me this is simple in as much as there is no simple ‘one fits all’ answer. Until we are instructed to do or not do specific things we must each do what we believe to be right for us individually. We must make these decisions based on our own interpretation of what’s happening, our own assessment of our own and family risk levels. Right now we have our own right to choose how much or how little we continue to engage in everyday activities. At some point I think we all know that restrictions in our day to day living are going to come into play. Until then the choice is ours to make and there is simply no wrong or right answer. We are all going to do what we believe to be best for ourselves and our families.

My personal choice will be to carry on doing as many things as I can in as normal a manner as I can for as long as I can. With exceptions. I will be very careful around any of my family and friends who are more at risk. I will be more mindful of those living around me who might be feeling the practical or emotional stress of this more and try and help where I can. Those are my choices. Whatever you choose is absolutely the right thing. In times like these, we all have to do what we believe is right for us and ours. Just try and keep an eye out for those around us who will be hit the worse by this. Let’s be good neighbours, good friends and good family members and if we can do that then we all have our best chance of coming out the other side of Covid 19 in the best shape we can be.

As a brand, ARTventurers are very closely following all government advice for educational settings which means we are absolutely continuing to run our painty sessions. As and when any advice to our type of business changes we will adapt accordingly and keep you updated. That means I plan to keep calm and keep ARTventuring and I really hope to see you there…IF that is right for you. Our Mothers Day classes this week should bring us all some lovely, sparkly joy so don’t forget your bags to take home your Mother’s Day artwork 💗 Whatever you do, stay strong and safe and keep on painting!!!

Take lots and lots of care folks, love Sarah and ARTy Bear xxx

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