Edible Paint Ideas

Edible Paint Ideas

Living in lockdown can present some issues when it comes to running low on baby safe painting materials. How will your mini artist continue their work, exploring textures and colours and creating masterpieces to look back on in years to come?

Never fear, ARTventurers are here.

Here are some edible paint ideas you may use to create from items you will find in your kitchen.

Easter Egg Crafts

This is a super simple idea that can be transformed into an Easter card. Simply stick your finished egg onto folded card to give your friends and family something truly unique.

Have fun!

Process Art Ideas for Babies

This is such a lovely activity that babies and young children LOVE. It is a fantastic, low mess activity which is great for your baby’s sensory development.

This activity allows your baby to explore textures, patterns and colour mixing whilst developing their co-ordination and concentration skills. They can explore paint during tummy time or whilst working on their ability to sit upright.

Plus, there’s a unique little masterpiece at the end of it for their grown ups to keep forever. Win-win!!

Jarrow mum using the power of art to help children develop with new venture

Jarrow mum using the power of art to help children develop with new venture

On 18th February 2020, ARTventurers South Shields, Jarrow and Hebburn featured once again within the South Shields Gazette. This time to focus on why we do what we do, where it all started and how art and creative play can aid the development of babies and young children. Click on the link to have a read. You may even see some familiar faces!


Thank You for an Amazing First Term!

Thank You for an Amazing First Term!

Thank you everyone for what has been an exciting, messy, glittery, painty, super fun first term!

I am so lucky to do this, it doesn’t actually feel like work when you love what you do.

I am so proud of all of your crafty creations, mini masterpieces and fun we have had along the way and I am so excited for the Easter holiday classes and the new term ahead!

Some of you have been coming to classes for years and change can be difficult for lots of people. But you have welcomed me with open arms, thank you. For those of you who were new to ARTventurers this term, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

I would be interested to know how you feel the term has gone and if there is anything you particularly loved or would like to change in the future. Please could you leave me some feedback in a review or a message and I will take all of your comments on board!

We can’t wait to see you next term!

Lots of love,

Jen & ARTy xx