Easter Egg Crafts

This is a super simple idea that can be transformed into an Easter card. Simply stick your finished egg onto folded card to give your friends and family something truly unique.

Have fun!

Warm Up Song!

Here is a special treat for all of our lovely ARTventurers. If, like me, you are missing our classes during this difficult time, here is our warm up song to keep you going. I know how many of you LOVE warm up time and will miss seeing ARTy Bear. Why not use this video to get yourselves going every morning and give yourselves a little ARTy Bear fix?

Skateboard Painting!

We LOVE process art activities here at ARTventurers. This is where we concentrate on the process of actually creating art, rather than the final outcome. Process art is so fun, completely individual and not one masterpiece looks the same.

During our time spent socially distancing, I am going to put myself to good use and show you some process art activities you can do at home.

Activity number 1 is skateboard painting. I have used lining paper but wallpaper or wrapping paper works just as well. A scooter or baby walker could be used if you don’t have a skateboard. Whatever you have to hand, just use your imagination!