Free Mother’s Day card printable & top tips!

This is my second Mother’s Day as a mummy and this year I will be making sure we complete lots of lovely craft activities together so I thought I would share a couple of ideas and a FREE printable with you too whilst also sharing a few hints and tips along the way to help you get the perfect prints at home!

In our baby and toddler art classes in Stockport, we will include a footprint activity most weeks so that you have lots of lovely keepsakes to take home and share with the people you love. Over the course of the term, parents become absolute pros at creating the perfect print but there is a top tip I’d like to share with you all to help you at home…..use a sponge!

First, create a pattern on a plate or tray with your paint,

Press your sponge on top to soak up the painty pattern,

Press your child’s foot onto the sponge and then place your child’s foot into position on the template you’re using,

You can gently rock your child’s foot to ensure a good coverage and don’t forget to lightly press the toes down too!

So now you know how to create the perfect footprint with your baby, here is a free Mother’s Day card idea for you to print off and try at home using the rainbow butterfly idea above! Have fun and don’t forget to share your Mother’s Day cards with me on my Facebook page.

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