We made the press!

We made the press!

How exciting! ARTventurers Stockport has made it into the press this morning!

As the country gets ready to celebrate VE Day 75, Team ARTventurers have been busy creating resources and sharing ideas to enable families to celebrate and commemorate safely from home. An incredible timetable of activities has also been created so that your little ones can boogie, experiment, juggle, and stretch their way through the celebrations.

It has been wonderful to see how the people of Stockport have been preparing too and I have loved spotting people’s decorated windows on my daily walk. I wonder if some of those houses contain future Stockport ARTventurers? Perhaps your child has loved all things arts and crafts during lockdown and perhaps they have been a fan of getting really messy. Why not join our waiting list and ‘Like’ us on Facebook to find out when the most colourful baby and toddler classes in Stockport will be starting!

Please remember to stay safe and look after yourselves and each other, and most importantly enjoy the day!

Love, Nicki x x x

Creative play at home!

April 2020….I think we’ll remember this time forever!

For lots of us it is a worrying and a stressful time but in amongst everything that is going on we can still find moments of absolute joy and those moments will often involve the little people in our lives. Our children are coping brilliantly and dare I say it….they are really enjoying this time at home with us!

I am nearing the end of my maternity leave and my husband has been furloughed, so for us this time has been precious! We have spent the last few weeks with all of our energies focussed completely on Paige (our 7 month old IVF miracle) and it’s been just wonderful! But like you, there have been times where I’ve worried about providing the right kind of activities to help her development (after all, that’s why we attend local baby classes isn’t it? Well that…… and seeing other people to have a conversation with an actual adult hehe!).

That’s where ARTventurers comes in! We have provided lots of tried and tested edible paint ideas that you can try at home and the best part….they use stuff that you probably already have to hand (because nipping to the shop is a thing of the past at the moment😃).

Take a look at these simple suggestions and maybe try one or two of them. We’ve tried the frozen ice lolly paint and the jelly paint so far!

I can’t wait to meet you all at our baby and toddler classes in Stockport but until then, I’d love to hear all about your arty fun at home so leave a comment to let me know how you’re getting on.

Lots of love,

Nicki x x x