Easter Art and Craft for Toddlers

We know Easter is going to be a bit different this year and we are super sad we can’t run our fantastic Easter art class for children in Teddington but we can still get the decorations up and get crafty with our little ones! We have a couple of activities for you to do at home: all using basic art supplies.

Easter Egg Bunting

First up is this simple Bunting activity which you can do at home really easily. You’ll need the following:

  • thick paper or card
  • scissors
  • a couple of different colours of paint
  • a baking tin or tray
  • a bouncy ball or golf ball
  • ribbon or string to hang.
bouncy ball painting equipment

First print out a number of egg shapes onto thick paper/card using this template https://www.artventurers.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Printable-Easter-Egg.pdf

Next get your scissors and cut around the outline – if your child is familiar with scissors then this is a perfect opportunity to practice their scissor skills with some child friendly ones but if not then mum or dad should do this.

Get some colours ready on a palette for your little one. Light pale colours work brilliantly for Easter – you can always add some white paint into more vibrant colours to make them look more of a pastel shade.

Place the Easter egg shape into the tray and get your little one to dip the ball into the paint and then pop in the tray and move it around – it will leave a lovely pattern on the egg.

rolling a ball in a tray with paint on it

Repeat with other colours on other eggs then using a hole punch when dry – put a hole at the top of each egg. Grab your string or ribbon and thread the shapes through and hang where desired, your little artist will be so proud of their home made bunting!

Door with Easter Bunting hanging from the top

Easter Egg Potato Prints

We loved this activity using potatoes! Mum or Dad cut a good size potato in half and cut some patterns into it. We did stripes and then holes (I used the smallest end of a medicine syringe to make them). It’s a good idea to let the potato dry out a bit so that the paint doesn’t thin too much and become too watery.

potatoe printing tools including paper, paint and paint brush and potatoes

When ready hand to your little one with some paint on a plate and get them to dip the potato in it and then stamp down onto some paper. They could even use a paintbrush to paint different colours on the same potato for fun!

Fluffy Easter Chicks

How cute are these little chicks! These are so easy to do. You’ll need the following:

  • white paper or card
  • yellow and black paint
  • orange card
  • scissors
  • pva glue and glue spreader
  • paintbrush
  • cotton wool ball

Pre-cut a beak shape from your orange card then put your yellow paint in a dish and get your little one to dab their cotton wool ball into it to make a fluffy circle shape. They can probably fit a couple onto an a4 size piece of paper.

child dipping cotton wool in paint and dabbing it on paper

Then get them to glue on the beak using glue and a glue spreader. Add some black dots of paint for eyes and if they can add some straight lines for legs perfect! Makes a really cute Easter card too.

child painting eyes onto a painted chick on paper

We hope you enjoy these activities at home and we can’t wait to see you back in our art classes in Teddington after the Easter holiday! Have a fantastic Easter.

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