Hello Teddington – my first blog post!


Thanks for visiting my website. I thought I’d introduce myself and ARTventurers art classes for babies, toddlers and children.

mum holding baby

My name is Sidonie, also known as Sid! I have lived in Teddington since 2017 and have two children, a little girl and boy. Before the kids came along I worked for a commercial gallery in Mayfair organising exhibitions and buying and selling paintings.

I’ve been drawn to art since an early age and just love seeing people’s creativity. Having been a full time mum for the last couple of years, I wanted to find a role which could fit in with my family life and also give me a creative outlet. I’ve been attending classes with my little girl since she was a baby, and they have been so important not just for her but for me too! I love the way they give us structure to the day and give us an activity to focus on together. I’ve also met other mums and made friends at classes. It’s really nice to see a friendly face who can commiserate when you’ve had a really rough night of sleep! I was looking for an art class locally late last year and was really surprised I couldn’t find one. It got me thinking, if I can’t find one I can start one! And that’s how I came to find ARTventurers, an award winning activity provider of art and creative play classes for babies, toddlers and children.

Why an art class?

I am passionate about the importance of art and creative play for little people but sometimes when home painting ends up like the below you can end up being slightly put off! I love that with ARTventurers classes you can have fun but leave the clearing up to someone else (er that will be me then!).

toddler and baby with paint on their hands and faces

Plus you don’t need to buy and store a million little bits at home, we provide all that for you. Art is so brilliant for everyone but for children it is paramount. The diagram below shows the many benefits of art and practising it in a safe environment with others helps children develop social skills too.

why art is great diagram

So what happens in an ARTventurers class?

We will be offering two different types of art classes for babies and toddlers in Teddington:

Baby ARTventurers is for babies from 6 months to 18 months with heaps of messy play. It is 50 minutes long.

Little ARTventurers is for toddlers from 18 months to 4 years and has more structured activities focusing on developing specific skills and exploring mediums that our Baby ARTventurers wouldn’t be ready for. These classes are an hour.

Below are some photographs of our classes to give you an idea of what goes on!

The aim of ALL our classes are to nurture and develop children’s creativity by providing them with the opportunities, guidance, inspiration and materials to explore, experiment and express themselves. All of our activities for pre-school children support the Early Learning goals and are in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Our classes are free flow and children can explore and create at their own pace and in their own time. We also incorporate singing and dancing providing a jam packed session of colourful and creative fun!

What awards have ARTventurers won?

ARTventurers have won numerous awards. In 2017, 2018 we won awards with What’s on 4 Kids and in 2019 we won Most Loved Academic/Creative Activity.

We are a fully accredited member of the Children’s Activities Association giving parents Peace of Mind. You can read more about that here

Where and when will classes start?

Weekly term time classes will start at Teddington Baptist Church in September all being well and as long as it is safe.

How can I register my interest?

Sign up to our waiting list here and I’ll keep you up to date with news as to our start date. You’ll also get priority booking if you wish to book, and a special launch offer.

So what are you waiting for! Get on our waiting list and Join The Most Colourful Class In Town!

Thanks for reading my first blog! ARTventurers are sharing lots of arty ideas on Facebook at the moment so check out my Facebook page for some art activities for you and your little ones before classes start!