The Big Neighbourhood Sunflower Project!

We’re currently living through sad, strange and difficult times. But through the dark times, some huge positives keep shining through – community spirit, kindness, resourcefulness and a massive resurgence of creativity.

Sunflowers are a symbol of positivity and energy, happiness and optimism – things we all need big doses of right now! So, over the next month we want to encourage everyone to fill our neighbourhoods with sunflower art, to keep us all smiling and to remind us that if we turn our heads towards the sun it’s more difficult to see the shadows. We’ve got a sunflower template below that you can print and use to display in your windows, or get creative with your own sunflower art at home! We’ll be running the project through until June, finishing with Children’s Art Week which runs from 8th to 16th June 2020. And after all, one of the most famous still life artworks in the world features sunflowers – so you couldn’t get more fitting than that!

Another reason that we have chosen sunflowers is because they are a flower long associated with hospices, with inclusivity and hidden disabilities, and are also linked to some of the Age UK dementia cafes up and down the country. During normal times at ARTventurers our branches across the UK partner up with many charities and we run our own ARTventurers intergenerational sessions too, bring the ARTventurers fun to care homes and bringing generations together through art and creative play. We all know that charities and care homes have never faced tougher times than right now and we’d love to show them our support. Some of our ARTventurers branches will be using The Big Neighbourhood Sunflower Project to raise much-needed funds for their local hospices or other organisations and if when displaying your sunflower art you would make a donation to a local charity then that would be great. Every little really does count.

Share your sunflower pictures with us over in our Big Neighbourhood Sunflower Project Facebook group, and on Instagram using our hashtag #thebigneighbourhoodsunflowerproject, let’s see how creative we can all get – and let’s stand tall and keep moving towards the sun.

You can access and download a PDF printable version HERE