A colourful bubble of paint and glitter!

Our new term is fast approaching!

…and with that so is the 9 month mark of when I started my ARTventure back in January!

The months have flown by in a colourful bubble of paint, glitter and lots of laughter!  There’s been caterpillars, tigers and fish, a messy Mother’s Day, a graduation, muddy puddles, a fab day out at Wimbledon and the infamous ‘forgotten t-shirt’ week in Ponteland “don’t worry guys it’s not a messy week”……..yeah I know, we totally jinxed that one!!! #carnage!


My baby ARTventurers are growing up right before my very eyes…. they’ve learnt to sit, crawl, stand and walk!! I’m so proud as their confidence grows and personalities emerge each week.


And my little ARTventurers have learnt to paint, stick, mould, draw, imagine and create! I love to see their reactions to the different themes each week and I promise we will have ‘Thomas the Tank’ very soon!13606695_299576463720296_1180828203769203764_n-3

There’s been singing and dancing – clapping, nodding and stamping!!  We’ve learnt the songs together and made up our own dance moves when I forgot the proper ones!  We all understand that ‘more is always less’ when it comes to glitter and sparkle…don’t worry I’ve replenished the supplies over the summer!  And finally, its safe to say we now know most babies definately prefer jelly and spaghetti when they start weaning, who needs Annabel Karmel eh?!

ARTventurers tyne valley hexham baby class messy paint

My house, car, husband, children and Bobby the cat have a constant sparkle, thankfully none of them seem to mind too much!! In fact it would appear that Mr ARTventurer has embraced his role very seriously!! By day he jumps into burning buildings to save lives (ok, most of the time he just rescues pigeons?!). But so far he has also drawn out pears, turtles and bunny ears and counted out numerous random shapes “how many more do I need?”.  He has built two 8 foot candy canes, created tractors, castles and a minion house out of cardboard boxes, and put together a portable Olympic podium!  Most recently he topped them all when he made me THE most amazing ‘Stick Man’ you will ever see (although I’m still waiting for his Stick Lady Love!! please!!!)

ARTventurers tyne valley homemade wooden stick man julia donaldson

So on Monday off we go again with the start of our new term and I can’t wait!! More fun, more arts and crafts, more laughter and more memories to add to those already made!! Who says going to work is boring?! I LOVE my job!!

A big thank you to all those who have been to classes, holiday sessions, workshops, parties and playgroups since the start of the year, its been amazing getting to know you all!

See you all very soon!

Love Justine x


If you haven’t already signed up to our new September – October term and would like to join us then please follow the link below…


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